USB-C XP-Pen 16 (2nd) Connectivity


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Aug 18, 2022

I recently bought a XP-Pen 16 (2nd Gen) drawing tablet.

The tablet has the option to connect via a single USB-C to USB-C Cable. I purchased a full feature USB-C cable to make use of this, however when I plug it in via this cable, the tablet gives me a notification "No Signal" and no display is shown. It still interacts with the laptop in the normal way (Shortcut button, pen works etc.) but no display is shown. When I connect the tablet with the alternative HDMI + USB cable, everything works perfectly fine.

Basically, my question is - Does the USB-C Port on the MSI Bravo 17 A4DDR support screen tablets?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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Nov 20, 2012
it's not so much about supporting screen tablets, and more about supporting the proper outputs.
Most likely, the laptop doesn't support video output via the USB-C cable.
You'll need to get the 3 in 1 cable to support it properly.

For reference, I have an older XP Pen 24 inch display that I use with my GE66. This works great with the USB-C and HDMI output from the laptop.
The USB-C output doesn't support video output, so I need to use HDMI for the display, and USB-C for the actual screen portion.