USB ports go all down for the third time


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May 29, 2023
Hello. I bought this computer on the 23rd of May 2023 I have been using it every day for many hours each day.
Computer references are the following (exported from MSI Center):
System Information
Serial Number: MSB0A4N2S0103734
Product Name: PRO H610 DP21 13M (MS-B0A4)
OS: Microsoft Windows 11 Pro 64 bits Ver.2009 (OS build 22621.1848)
BIOS Version: A.60
BIOS Release Date: 01/06/2023
CPU: 13th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-13100
Memory: 8 GB @
- 8 GB DDR4-3200, Samsung M471A1K43EB1-CWE
Graphics: Intel(R) UHD Graphics 730
Drive: SSD, Phison 256GB EM280256GYTCTAS-E13T2MS, 238,47 GB
Drive: HDD, External USB 3.0, 931,51 GB
Network: Realtek PCIe GbE Family Controller
Network: Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 3168
Power Plan: GUID: 0be23e95-fdbc-4591-9bef-c500b054d613 (Desempenho Máximo)

Problem is:
I got 3 times this problem: suddenly without warning all the USB ports stopped working. Mouse don’t work, keyboard don’t work, any other wired mouse or keyboard connected to any USB port don’t work. The mobile phone still can get power from the USB type C port but it can’t transfer data. So I have to use the power button to switch the computer off and after reboot the USB ports work again normally.
After the second time this happened I changed the mode of energy to performance (it was in the balanced mode) and in the drivers control disallowed the USB port to go off mode to save energy when the computer is in pause. Even with these settings the problem with the USB ports occurred for the third time.
I saw that there is a new file of BIOS to install version A.80 (the one I have installed is version A.60). Do you recommend that I install the new BIOS? If I remember well I did that in my previous desktop but that was some years ago and I can’t remember the details of the operation, just remember it went well and was easy to do. Can you recommend a good tutorial for installing the BIOS.
Is there any other thing I must try before updating the BIOS?
Thanks in advance
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It is BIOS sheet for PRO-DP21-13M on MSI website and BIOS vA80 is latest.

It is SOP that how to flash BIOS via M-Flash function.

Please modify some item to disabled in "Startup" sheet in Task Manager.
Windows Task Manager: The Complete Guide

Please to do all windows update in Windows OS.
Thanks. Did here some changes:
• Put the computer's power cord in the first entry of the electric hub.
• Installed an USB hub with its own power cord, and connected into it the external HD drive I use for backup.
If the USB general shut down happens again I will go into the BIOS update way. It has been happening once a week. Patience is a virtue.

Silva (from Portugal).
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It happened again today :mad:
I updated the BIOS and now just hope the problem is solved once and for all :(
Now I have BIOS version A.80 dated 05/09/2023
The process was easy. The tutorial is useful but not updated, so BIOS dialog not exactly like in the picture. If you try to do the thing in ADVANCED (by the tutorial) you can't find what the tutorial say should be there. Right to ADVANCED you have M-FLASH and clicking there the thing is very easy. M-FLASH is a new menu designed to make the update of BIOS very easy.
Now just wish me luck!

Silva (from Portugal).
This issue was Windows related. Cause was some application running in Windows startup. The problem disappeared when I inactivated many applications from working in startup. Months later I activated them again and the problem arrived again. Then I inactive them and just activated one by one for the ones I really need in startup. So now problem really looks solved. Apparently problem was a general Windows 11 freeze and not USB freeze. Computer is working fine and I feel really comfortable with it.