Using both CPU power connectors on an MSI MEG Z490 ACE


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Sep 6, 2020
Hi MSI community,

When does the use of both CPU power connectors on a MEG ACE become necessary? I understand the added power delivery provided via the second power connector on the board but I wonder if there's a point during overclocking when connecting both becomes a necessity. Is it even really a necessity to connect both at any point? I love this PCB, I want to start experimenting with overclocking an Intel core i7-10700K but want to make sure I do not skip any required basic step.

Thank you in advance for a response!


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Feb 11, 2012
usually that 2nd connector becomes necessary in one of 2 situations.

1: you start overclocking and you run out of power so it becomes unstable
2: your using LN2 and are shoving a unholy amount of voltage into the CPU

if your just doing Minor overclocks just one 8 pin is needed as the 2nd is there for people doing rediculous overclocks attempting to go after world records.


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Oct 12, 2016
In short: If your PSU offers two EPS12V 8-pin cables, connect both. If not, connect only the left one. One EPS 8-pin cable can supply over 300W. Which you won't reach with your 10700K even on OC. The 10900K is another thing, but is almost useless for OC, cause it's too close at the limit by default already. Anyway, in such a case, a second EPS12V cable is good for some "load-balancing" of the power draw, essentially having a bigger surface area for the juice to flow over. But nothing that is essential with your CPU.