Valorant Low FPS and Graphic Card Usage


New member
May 23, 2021
Hi everyone, I have Ryzen 5 1600 and Msi RX580 OC 8GB with 16 gb corsair 3000mhz ram. While I'm playing F1 2020 graphic card usage mostly about %70-%90 and the Heat is 75 celcius. But while I'm playing Valorant(lowest graphic settings) my gpu usage is not stable. Sometimes it hits to 87 and then suddenly falls back to just 4 and the heat of the card never passes 55 degree. As I can see my graphic card is not using the whole energy or power for supplying better fps. Also my in game FPS is not stable too. It hits 250-260 top and falls back about 110. What could be the problem or what can I do for my graphic card to use all capacity.(In AMD software my profile setted up to E-sport mode) Thank you in advance. :)