Vector GP76 12UE-69AU Audio issues

May 26, 2023
Hi. I am making this thread because I'm currently at a loss for what to do in resolving this issue.
In short, I suspect this product was damaged somehow in shipping. I've had multiple problems since I bought it late last year (Including a damaged hinge which was fixed promptly and courteously), but there is one that MSI Support couldn't seem to fix or even find, even after physically having my machine.

There is something wrong with the audio chip on this computer. No matter which headphones, earbuds, or adapters I use (even none at all), the experience is not as it should be.
-If I play audio using the built-in speakers, there is a 0.5-1.5 second delay before they start playing sound, if they have been silent for more than a few seconds. Additionally, if the laptop powers off due to low battery, the built-in speakers will completely break with the below code and become unusable until the laptop is restarted again. When this happens, it seems windows thinks they no longer exist and tries to run its troubleshooter when I click Speakers in the system tray.

-If I play audio using the 3.5mm jack, there are 2 unexpected noises that occur - one is a high-pitched whine, and the other is a low-pitched buzz. These occur regardless of the device plugged in, but they're the most noticeable in a quiet environment with in-ear earbuds.
-If I play audio using the USB-C port or through an adapter, the low-pitched buzz from before occurs but not the high-pitched one. This is how I usually call people, since the buzz isn't as frequent as the other noise.

Multiple weeks were spent with MSI's support team trying to fix it this way but no amount of driver, OS or BIOS updates, reinstalls, or trying new devices, has ever fixed the issue and (I imagine it was a very tiring experience for all involved). It occurs no matter what I'm listening to as well (even the audio test from the taskbar triggers it sometimes).

Unfortunately, this issue seems hell-bent on being as hard as possible to pick up for a tester, and I don't have good enough equipment to record the sounds myself. The only proof I can hope to have is other people I live with hearing it too.
-The audio delay for the speakers is pretty consistent, but it took me a while of trial and error to figure out what was going on and I don't think MSI support even knew about either problem when they had the laptop.
-The high-pitched whine could take anywhere from 2min-1hour to start happening, and no amount of testing has figured out what causes it. It's almost random. The only fix for this is to restart and hope it takes a while to occur again.
-The low-pitched buzz occurs similarly to the whine, but I've noticed that whether the laptop is connected to external power can influence this one. Maybe there's some kind of static build-up?

It's been many months since I last spoke to MSI support (I think it was before the Christmas break), and I'd rather not bother them a third time if I don't absolutely need to, but it's at the point where I'm considering switching back to my old 2014 Dell until another laptop I'm looking into gets a dedicated-GPU model so any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

I'm well aware this sounds like an audio driver issue, but believe me we have tried this. I've personally tried generic drivers, windows-default drivers, realtek drivers, nahimic drivers, msi's drivers from its official website, disabling drivers to check for conflicts, all sorts of things. Nothing helped, or changed anything (Although a BIOS update resolved an audio delay issue for things other than the speakers from back in so that was helpful). Current driver setup below if anyone's curious (As you can see nothing is plugged in currently). If you guys need any other information I'm more than happy to help I just want this thing over with.
May 26, 2023
Oh, I should mention - in terms of how loud the buzz/whine are, I would say they're about the same volume as a PC case fan running 1200RPM or so, although the noise is way more annoying to me especially since they're right inside my ears.