Vega Squadron: The Russian Sharks' Fearless Journey to the World


Nov 5, 2014

Vega Squadron is one of the best eSports organizations in Russia and CIS. Started as a StarCraft 2 team in 2012 by Alexey 'Vega' Kondakov, a business-man and amateur-gamer, the Moscow-based team now turned into a big organization with rosters in Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.
"Sharks" rosters have already shown their strength on many major tournaments around the globe. Vega Squadron is well-known for their approach to the squads which are built in a very friendly environment and with future perspectives kept in mind. Vega Squadron are also famous for their worldwide fanbase no matter what game it is.


Vega Squadron partners up with MSI
? Vega Squadron

Team Achievements
Dota 2:

- ESL One New York 2015 1st place
- WePlay Dota 2 League Season 3 2nd place
- ESL One Frankfurt 2016 3rd place
- Global Grand Masters Season 1 2nd place
- Global eSports Cup Season 1 3rd place

- China Top 2017 1st place
- PGL Major Krak?w Offline Qualifier
- CIS Minor Championship 2017 1st place
- UCC Cup Season 2 1st place


Winner of China Top 2017 Kunshan
? Vega Squadron


Vega Squadron, the winner of CIS Minor Championship 2017 ? Krak?w
? Vega Squadron

An Instant Classic: Vega outperformed NiP in an epic battle
Built at the beginning of 2015, Vega Squadron CS:GO team is new to the pro Counter-Strike scene.A team known only for regional tournaments, "Sharks" showed their strength at the qualifiers for The ELEAGUE Major 2017. The Russian squad faced up against legendary Ninjas in Pyjamas, a Swedish eSports teams notably known for their 87-0 win streak domination at the start of their career and the first CS:GO team to win three Premier tournaments in 2016. Everyone thought that the Swedish guys had in the bag, everyone was wrong!
Sharks managed to prove themselves at the qualifiers, where they crushed NiP with a stunning 16-2 victory on Cache. This was probably the biggest sensations of all the Major qualifiers. It was the first time in NiP's history that they would miss a major.
Vega Squadron qualified for the CIS Minor and did their very best, having won against such teams as Tengri, Spirit Academy, and pro100. But they didn't stop there and qualified for the PGL Major in Krak?w. The CS:GO rosters' brilliant achievement has earned them a long term contact.
At China Top 2017, they won Vici Gaming with a score 2:0, earned themselves the Champion title and took home US$45,000 prize.
Vega Squadron CS:GO roster: team captain Dmitriy 'jR' Chervak, Nikolay 'mir Bityukov', Sergey 'Keshandr' Nikishin, Leonid 'chopper' Vishnyakov and Pavel 'Hutji'Lashkov.
Team manager: Alexander 'Lk-' Lemeshev, Coach Artyom "Fierce" Ivanov


Dota 2 rosters and their new coach - Murielle "Kipspul" Huisman
? Vega Squadron

Dota 2 roster earned Champions title at ESL One New York 2015 and finished 3rd at ESL One Frankfurt 2016. In May this year, the CIS powerhouse announced its Dota 2 roster locked and completed 4th at DreamLeague Season 7 in July.
As of now, their current full roster: captain Semion 'CemaTheSlayer'Krivulya, Ilya 'Alohadance'Korobkin, Sergey 'G' Bragin, Vasily 'Afterlife'Shishkin and Bakyt 'W_Zayac' Emilzhanov.

Welcome Vega Squadron to be part of MSI family! Today we are featuring an interview with Alexey 'Vega' Kondakov, the founder and CEO of Vega Squadron, talking about VEGA's successes and future.


? Vega Squadron


At IgroMir Expo 2017 MSI booth, Vega's Dota 2 squad met with the fans

When Vega is established, how did you choose "Shark" as a new mascot? What is the story behind the Sharks?
Alexey 'Vega' Kondakov: That's a well-known story! Back when I launched Vega I owned a fish-trading organization of the same name. It was the primary Vega Squadron sponsor.


Sharks and MSI Nightblade gaming desktop
? Vega Squadron

How did Sharks manage to send NiP home at the ELEAGUE Major 2017? What are Sharks' mindset from the moment knowing that you were up against NiP to eventually eliminate them?

jR: We wanted to play like we've got nothing to lose. Just played the game without thinking about what comes next.

hutji: Back then we threw everything out of our heads except for the game itself. We didn't care who our opponents were, we didn't care about being leaving the qualifiers. We just played the way we know - calmly, attentively and cold-blooded. Nothing extra!

Lk-: I believe we just wanted to win much more. The mood was pretty much the same as always: players were collected and all pumped up. They didn't lose concentration for a moment for the whole match and worked like a unit.


CS:GO roster departed to PGL Major in Krak?w

Let's talk about PGL Major Krak?w 2017. In the Major debut match, Sharks faced Virtus.Pro on Nuke, which is considered to be one of VP's strongest map. As jR mentioned "we came to gain experience after all. So we should play our opponent's strongest maps." So what experience did you gain and how did you plan to apply that on future tournaments?
What do you think your overall performance at PGL MajorKrak?w 2017?
jR: The result was expected, we were slapped. We found out that CS that we played doesn't work on such levels, so we will do our best to only improve personal skills, but get better as a team.
hutji: It was a painful experience. We re-arranged our practice process and we're yet to find out if it works or not. On PGL we thought we'll give a good fight to Virtus.Pro and Immortals, but it turns out we're not yet ready for a tournament of such level. Match with Penta was a disappointment, we just threw the game after the 14-7 lead.
Lk-: Such experience (some may say that "0-3" is a complete failure) is really necessary for every team that wants to step up, stay in line with all the top-tier teams. Every match we've had on PGL Krak?w Major gave us a lot of information.

What's next move for Vega Squadron in terms of gameplay and branding in the near future?

Alexey 'Vega' Kondakov: Right now we're focusing on two rosters - DOTA2 and CS:GO, we'll think of League of Legends team closer to winter. What goes to other games - we're just looking at PUBG, Quake and FIFA, but don't have any plans about it.

What are the most important features in gaming hardware during your gameplay? What have you found in MSI products? Of all MSI?s gaming gears, which would like to recommend to other gamers?

A: The most important aspect is performance, reliability and build quality. MSI products have got each and every aspect. Players enjoy the high FPS and stability. Every detail from motherboard bridges to videocard overclocking does 100% of it's potential, allowing our sharks to concentrate on the game and go for the win.


Renown CIS Dota 2 player ALOHADANCE practices using MSI laptop GS63
? Vega Squadron


Dota2 CeMaTheSlayeR: You can play your favourite games wherever you are with MSI!
? Vega Squadron

Thank you for your time, anything to add to your fans worldwide?
A: We are excited to begin the new eSports season and can't wait to please our fans with great results. We will still be sticking to the idea of "home" organization. Each memory of it should evoke indescribable emotions of our fans. Thank you very much for supporting Vega Squadron and not leaving us in the difficult moment - it means a lot for each and every one of us.


Beauty and sharks!
? Vega Squadron

We wish Vega Squadron all the luck in the future!

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