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Nov 7, 2013
Hello all!


Many have already asked this question, and many will surely ask it again. But this post was created to help you get your head around a basic but very frequently asked question:
Q1: "Does removing GPU cooler void my warranty?"

With removing the GPU cooler, you have to break the warranty seal/sticker. So apparently it does void your warranty. However, no one ever would buy MSI's graphics cards, if it would really void it, as many of us love to have a graphics card in a water cooling loop. Or sometimes you got a card that has poorly applied thermal paste than usually and you want to replace it to get temperature down.

   Contact the shop you got the card from, or ask MSI's official support by creating a ticket.
In most countries, regions, removing the cooler (breaking the seal) does not void the warranty if you don't break anything during this process, but it is recommended you ask, as if it happens that MSI will not accept the card for RMA, then we as forum cannot take responsibility for what we said.
Here is the link on >>How to contact MSI<<

"I bought MSI [model] graphics card but fans are running even if the temperature is much below 60C. What am I doing wrong?"

This feature, known as "Zero Frozr", is only available on Gaming series graphics cards. What this means, is that if your graphics card model does not have "Gaming" on the box, then fans will run at around 20-25% as the minimum.
Right now only Nvidia GTX900 series and AMD R9 300 series from MSI GAMING series have this feature which have 'Twin Frozr V' cooler.

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Oct 9, 2015
Thanks for the info.  Would love to fit a water block on my GEForce GTX 980Ti but having difficulty sourcing a compatible one.  Any advice on where to get one?  It seems the MSI card is the only one not to have a water block for it!!!  I have already had to return one that I thought would be compatible.  Thanks for any help you can give.  Once I get the block, I'll follow your advice ad open a ticket to fit it.
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