Watch Dogs Game Bundle Code with Purchase of RTX 3080 Ventus

Oct 17, 2020
I purchased my Ventus 3080 a few days ago. And the retailer told me that MSI hasnt given him the codes for this game bundle.

When i called MSI support, they just give me a link to Geforce Experience to redeem it, but in cannot redeem it, withouth a Code. I Love MSI products and that is the main reason i choose this card. But is really sad to see that no one on MSI support wants to help me with this.

This is an expensive card, and i was hoping to get the game bundle promo i dont have to spend another $60 bucks
But support is not heling me an right now i dont know what to do.

Can a MSI moderator help me with this?

Thank you

PS... I love my card by the way


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Nov 7, 2013

As far as I know it takes specific retailers that have received codes to give out to customers who bought the product. Check on MSI site if your retailer is listed at "where to buy".