Watch Dogs on msi cx62 7ql


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May 30, 2018
I would like to request not to compare GTA V with Watch Dogs just please claim Watch Dogs as a different game don?t think it as a ?copy? of GTA. I am so upset because everybody compared the game with GTA so I bought the game way too late then it had released. The game became one of my favourite games because of long and an interesting story, satisfying open world pleasure and not super but still cool hacking idea. Firstly I thought hacking was horrible but then I realised if it would be harder how will we able to play the game ? So don?t say anything about hacking, please. As some minus parts, of course bugs because ubisoft, bad driving mechanics, only a few weapon options and some shadow details. But earning money is so easy because you can just open an ability from your skill tree to get more money by hacking people?s bank accounts. Also if your opponents call for reinforcements you are in a huge problem, just saying. I have mentioned that driving was bad in the game but it is getting more entertaining by opening some skills from your skill tree such as hacking steampipes or traffic lights. Also the map is pretty big which is also a plus to me. If you still don?t have this game I guess it is time to give it a shot as I have said before stop comparing this game with GTA. In case you wonder I get around 25-30 fps on high quality with my MSI CX62 6QD-234XTR Intel i5-6300HQ gtx940mx.


Mar 24, 2017
I liked Watchdogs but couldn't stand Watchdogs 2, the characters were too annoying for me.