What came with my MSI G560 2QE-693PT (Ghost Pro)?


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May 3, 2016
(Since I couldn't find a board meant for this kind of topic, I'll just post it here in the "unboxing" section. It has some relevancy to brand new devices, after all)
Due to the corruption of system files I have to perform a Clean Installation of Windows 10, which will, unfortunately, wipe everything I've installed during my time using this laptop. At least that's what the technician told me.
Backing up my personal files and folders is a paltry task, there's  no problem regarding backups... 

That being said, it got me wondering about a notion I normally wouldn't think about (since this is my first High-End PC)... What about everything that came with the package, neatly pre-installed? I'd have to scavenge the internet to put everything back in order - and as someone who's done this before for cheap laptops, it's time consuming! Especially with my average download speed.

GeForce Experience
Dragon Gaming Center

But what else? And the drivers? I wouldn't want to mess something up. The Audio Drivers in particular have proven to be quite annoying to deal with.
I could compile a list myself, but I'm wary of missing one or two gadgets (which I probably don't even use) - and the thought of it sends shivers down my spine. I need everything to return to its former place, or else I'll be left mighty frustrated...

So for all of you unboxers and such, if you're opening your laptop for the first time, what programs and drivers will you find?

On another note: What's with the 350 word requirement to post things on these forums? That's even required for "Opinions on Games"! I remember my monthly essays were of this size... 
Okay...only 75 words to go. Word by word I will conquer this post - no blank slate will be left untouched - the pavement will moisten under the quill of my feather...
Then, once every word has been written down for all to witness, God will slide down from Heaven on his golden skateboard and praise me for my noble deeds. The End. The End. The End.


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Apr 3, 2013
Hello, I think you did not check MSI product webpage right? It's very easy to find out a support list of the drivers and software. Check below link, choose your OS version to install all of them.
In the other way, you could also press F3 when bootup your system, and try to reset your OS with full clean your OS drive to make a clean restore.
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