What can you charge with the stock MSI PD Charger?

Aug 11, 2020
OLED display

▲ PD charger connecting to MSI Summit E14 laptop

The European lawmakers have agreed to limit the USB Type-C to become the common charging port for mobile phones, tablets, and cameras. This will make USB Type-C become the most common charging port standard of the future for mobile devices.
MSI Pen also supports USB Type-C charging

▲ MSI Pen also supports USB Type-C charging

Currently, the PD standard that utilizes USB type-C has already been used on various devices from as small as a stylus to smartphones, and even laptops.
What is PD? PD stands for “Power Delivery”, which is a standard of charging that support a wide range of power output. If your MSI laptop comes with a USB Type-C connector charger, it supports PD standards, some of MSI laptops comes with DC-in jack adapter but also support PD charging, for example Creator Z17, Creator Z16P, Stealth GS series and Modern Series.

So, what is the benefit of PD? In short, the PD charger and the device that can be charged with PD will communicate with each other and give out the power, which is the best charging voltage and current for the device.

PD power source

▲ Smartphone quick charging activated when connected to PD power source

For example, you can plug MSI 65W PD charger into a smartphone that supports 18W PD charging, the MSI PD charger will adjust its voltage and current to 18W or compatible mode to charge the smartphone.

Cool! But how does that work?
To explain more about how it works, first, let’s recap the science lesson that we learned at school.
What is power? Power = Voltage x Current

A regular USB 5V(Voltage) with 2A (Ampere, unit of current), has 5(V)x2(A)= 10W (Wattage, unit of power) output. When PD charger is powering at 65W, it is running at 20V with 3.25A.

Label of an MSI PD charger

▲ Label of an MSI PD charger

If you look at the label on the PD charger, it listed all that combination of voltage and max corresponding current power output on it.
If the device you are using supports the listed voltage, the PD chip inside the charger and the device will communicate with each other and adjust the voltage and current to the best setting. If the device does not respond or is not supported, the PD charger will cancel power output.
Here is a reference list for the voltage and current of most of the PD-supported devices on the market.


Sum: your MSI PD charger works across your Type-C devices!
With the stock MSI PD charger, you can charge your smartphone, laptop, and portable game console with only one charger when you are traveling.
In case your PD charger is missing while you are traveling, you can also purchase a compatible PD charger according to the device’s voltage and current.
The following 12th gen Intel core processor MSI laptops come with PD charger:

MSI Summit Series with 12th Gen Intel® Core™ Processor

MSI Prestige Series with 12th Gen Intel® Core™ Processor

MSI Modern Series with 12th Gen Intel® Core™ Processor (Support PD Charging)

MSI Gaming laptops:
MSI Stealth GS77 – Sharp & Beyond (Supports PD Charging - recommends high power output PD charger)
MSI Stealth GS66 – Sharp & Beyond (Supports PD Charging - recommends high power output PD charger)

MSI Content Creation laptops:
MSI Creator Z17-A12U – Tech meets Aesthetic (Supports PD Charging - recommends high power output PD charger)
MSI Creator Z16P-B12U – Tech meets Aesthetic (Supports PD Charging - recommends high power output PD charger)
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Oct 14, 2021
EU is regulating the mobile device charging port must use USB type-c. There are more devices that can be charged using PD charger in the future(and a lot already!)
Nov 13, 2020
I tried using PD charger to charge my smarthphone, it triggered fast charging, even better than the usb charger comes with it!


Oct 11, 2013
I'd recommend getting a 100W PD charger for faster charging speeds.


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Dec 12, 2022
Hi there, considering the Z17-A12UHST-027

Not too bad now, 3700 Euro at some shops in Spain

Draw backs:
- It supports 128Gb Ram but comes with 2*32Gb which means, trash them to buy 2*64Gb
- Touch screen, not a must for me, and i never had a good experience with touch screens on Windows (Surface Pro and Asus Rog). Using a pen on Windows is like writing/painting with a pinhead, eons behind Samsung tablets experience.
- Heavy and large. Seems impossible to find a decent (at least) 64gb ram laptop with a 14-15 inches factor.
- Heavy and big PD charger. Considering it is usb-c i don't see why charger is so big. There are wonderful PD chargers out there much smaller.

Will i get it? will i not?


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Dec 12, 2022
What's your main purpose for that laptop?
Everyday use is office (excell, word, pdf, outook, browsing...), no gaming, but i do use some heavy apps (qgis, map making apps) that require tons of storage, processor and ram.
I would still prefer a laptop that i can take with me when working (i travel a lot). Gaming laptops are the closest thing but they are so very large and heavy...

ps. I saw a "disassembly" tutorial about this Z17 and they indeed did not think of final users upgrading ram themselves, one must disassemble it all to reach the ram slots. So the claimed upgradability is only theorical, in part for the pain of doing it, in part because i do not know any 64gb ram modules that can be used to upgrade it to 128gb.