What does MSI (pre-installed) program do?

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Apr 23, 2014
More detail introductions of MSI programs can be found in our Software Manual.
1. Go to MSI official website and search for your notebook model, then download the Software Manual from the "Quick Guide" tab in the Download page of your notebook model's.
2. If your notebook is with the pre-installed system, you can find the Software Manual on the "Desktop" or the "My Documents" folder.

@System Control Manager (SCM)
SCM is a built-in system control tool used to manage device settings by using Fn hotkeys and the SCM control panel. It also provides the ECO engine setup.

@MSI BurnRecovery Tool
Recovery Image Backup Tool is designed to backup the recovery image files on different Media.


@Dragon Gaming Center
Dragon Gaming Center is an exclusive control center of MSI gaming notebook.

  • Unique system performance monitor
  • Quick launch menu for frequent used software.
  • Instant play, quick launch game and get best configuration with just one click.

@Super Charger
Super Charger supports charging feature of Apple products through USB3.0 port, maximum Amps up to 1.5A.


@Battery Calibration
Battery Calibration is a built-in battery software, it can calibrate and reset the battery power setting. Regularly perform the battery calibration can maintain the battery capacity and increase the service life.


@Boot Configure
Boot configure is a Windows 8.1 desktop screen setup tool. User can easily set the Boot screen to start screen mode or desktop mode.

@Sizing Options
Sizing Options helps to adjust the DPI of system fonts, icons and buttons settings conveniently.

@Reminder Manager
Reminder Manager reminds user to register their MSI products online.

@Keyboard LED Manager (KLM)
KLM is a keyboard backlight management tool.

  • User friendly control panel, allow you to configure and switch LED color and mode.
  • It offers six LED modes: Normal, Gaming, Breathing, Wave, Dual Color and Audio.

@Hybrid Power
An instant monitor of MSI Hybrid Power feature.(Models with Hybrid Power feature only)


@SteelSeries Engine (SSE)
SSE is a customized keyboard macro and backlight keyboard management tool.

  • SteelSeries Engine is a macro configuration management application
  • There are 4 layers for gamers to set 4 usage scenario or game and can quickly switch layer without interrupted.
  • Provides six keyboard LED modes: Normal?Gaming?Breathing?Wave?Dual Color?Audio
  • SteelSeries Engine provides predefined profiles for common games which can be used directly or as templates for your custom macros.


@XSplit Gamecaster
XSplit Gamecaster is a powerful and easy to use game recording and live broadcasting tool. Users can easily share their high quality gameplay sessions with friends, family, or the world ? or for capturing those perfect gaming moments, for gamers of all ages and communities.

  • The built-in annotation feature enables you to draw and highlight selected parts of the gameplay which gives a more intuitive online communication.
  • Quick and easy to share the broadcast into to all online communities and interaction with friends and fans without leaving your game.


@Sound Blaster Cinema
Sound Blaster Cinema is an audio software which helps user to customize and create a better audio experience. The flexible setting of the features can give the extra sound experience when gaming and watching movies.



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Oct 22, 2014
On hybrid mode monitoring page (in dragon gaming centre),there is a caution message that don't remove battery or charger while hbrid power mode is on or it will cause uncertain risks but according to msi's descriptipn:--
Hybrid Power feature enables the CPU and GPU to stay overclocking for a longer time under heavy loading by coordinating the battery and the AC power adapter for the power consumption.
Hybrid Power is auto switch and enabled in following situations:

First of all, AC adapter must be plugged. and meet one of following requirements:

1.Batter power is higher than 30%=>Hybrid Power feature=> ON

2.When battery power decreases to less than 30% and down to 29% or lower => Hybrid Power feature=> OFF
When battery power less than 30%, if you don?t unplug AC power cord, than Battery power must be charged to higher than 80%, Hybrid Power => ON again.
3.When battery power decreases to less than 30% and down to 29% or lower => Hybrid Power=> OFF
If Batter life is back to 30%~80%, and you unplug and plug AC power again, Hybrid Power would be enabled right away. Because detection is reset and back to first situation.
Can anybody explain how to avoid any risk from hybrid power mode
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