What Is MUX Switch & What It Can Do For You

Amelia CC

Jul 12, 2021
Hello everyone. Welcome back to MSI Blog. Today we're going to be talking about what the MUX switch is and what it can do for you. So let’s start.
What Is MUX Switch & What It Can Do For You

What Is Microsoft Hybrid Graphics?
On typical laptops, the video signal is output from integrated graphics which is inside the CPU. This is also applicable to those laptops with discrete graphics. If you launch some GPU-intensive apps like games or 3D rendering software, the GPU will process these tasks and send them back to integrated graphics for outputting the video to the display. This structure is also called Microsoft Hybrid Graphics or Optimus.

What Is MUX Switch & What It Can Do For You

The biggest advantage of the structure is power saving because the laptop can just put the GPU to sleep mode while it’s not working. It can save a lot of power and it is expected to have longer battery life.

TBut everything comes with a cost. The back and forth of the data between CPU & GPU can cause higher system latency and it has been proved that game compatibility or performance under Microsoft Hybrid structure is not as good as discrete graphics mode, which allows GPU to output the video signal to display directly and that’s the reason why MUX is born.

What Is MUX Switch & What It Can Do For You

With MUX switch, basically, you can freely switch between typical Microsoft Hybrid Graphics mode or discrete graphics mode; If you’re just doing basic tasks like documentation or web browsing, just switch to Microsoft Hybrid graphics mode for longer battery life; If you wanna play games or perform some GPU-intensive works, just switch to discrete graphics mode for better performance and compatibility.

How To Use MUX On MSI Laptop
Now you know what MUX switch is and what it can do for you. Next, let’s see how it actually works on MSI laptops. Just launch MSI Center, go to the general setting and find GPU switch, where you can switch between Microsoft Hybrid Graphics mode or discrete graphics mode. Just select the mode you want and the system will ask you to reboot the laptop and that’s it. Quite easy isn’t it? Now you can embrace the convenience brought by the MUX switch, too.

What Is MUX Switch & What It Can Do For You

Another Way Of Switch To Discrete Graphics
By the way, there’s another way you can have the discrete graphic mode immediately. If the HDMI or the Type-C port on your laptop is connected with discrete graphics directly, just attach your external monitor with it and set it as your main screen. Then you can have additional performance under those GPU-intensive works right away.


At last, the table above shows the list of MSI laptop models that support MUX switch or GPU-connected HDMI or Type-C port for your reference. That will be all about our tutorial. Hope you can learn something from this article. Thank you for reading and we will see you guys next time!


Oct 11, 2013
The MUX switche is soldered onto the motherboard and is not something that is user upgradeable.


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Mar 18, 2008
I got GE from 10th gen CPU, can it also support MUX?
Check the BIOS or/and MSI/Dragon Center - if it has the "GPU Switch" option - as can be seen in above screenshot from MSI Center (with the option to switch between MSHybrid Graphics Mode & Discrete Graphics Mode) - Yes, it's supported. If not (if you can't find any option like that) - then it's not supported.

You can also check nVidia Control Panel (tho, if what i mentioned above doesn't apply to you - there's a really slim chance for this feature to be available on your laptop). Unless you have an external Monitor - you won't be able to manage the laptop's Display settings without a MUX switch (to switch to the Discrete GPU). Since the display is managed by the iGPU:

Thus, you need "Intel Graphics Command Center" for specific Display related settings.