What's the difference between gaming and non-gaming motherboards?


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Mar 30, 2020
Teach me something: I notice there are gaming motherboards. So what is a non-gaming motherboard? What's the difference between them?


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Feb 11, 2012
there are 2 parts to that really Looks and Functionality/Customization.

usually gaming boards are more Flashy looking with usually a unlocked BIOS to allow full customization of stuff like the CPU and RAM frequancy along with Features like more RGB Lighting options and usually higher Grade Components as they will be pushed Harder like improved VRM's for the CPU, Bigger coolers for the VRM's and more advanced Componants used for stuff like the Networking ect.

non Gaming ones are usually more Plain with limited BIOS options as they are not really meant for Customizing above like just turning on XMP to just make the RAM run at its rated speed and also tend to come without alot of RGB Controls as they primarily get bought for business and Casual use and use components that are good enougth as your not likely to be overclocking anything at all.

like with Intel you have 3 chipsets:

Z - the full unlocked Chipset that allow maximum Configuration with everything Unlocked.
B - more locked down with very basic Functions as they are mainly meant for Business use where it just needs to work with minimal control of things and maybe some Base Clock overclocking available.
H - more of a light work type board for home users where it will just be used to do basic tasks and have a very locked down BIOS where hardly anything can be changed.

Gaming boards tend to be more Flashy looking with very over the top Designs and lots or RGB LED's
non Gaming tend to be very Plain Looking without all the RGB stuff