What's wrong with my laptop, washed out screen, screen that shut down


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Dec 9, 2022
I just purchased a laptop MSI Creator Z16 A12UET one week ago, and after the first used I noticed different issues (I'm not into the gaming world, I just wanted a more powerful laptop for Photoshop). The issues :
- The screen is washed out
- The screen turns off when I plug and unplug the charger
- Photoshop tells me : your graphics processor is not compatible
- Sometimes the mouse is stuck
- The fans are extremely noisy even for a simple internet search

Please someone, help me


Mar 19, 2022
1. Might be because of a conflict between True Color and Intel/nVidia GPU drivers... You can try to remove/update all 3 items following the recommended procedure - Id link it, but I cant look for it at the moment...

2. Does the screen come back on? I believe some MSI notebooks [not sure if yours is one of them] will experience screen flicker when transitioning from AC to DC power, it is expected behavior..... MSI has a statement covering it somewhere, but I dont remember where I came across it before...

3. Photoshop is notifying you that the drivers/features of the integrated Intel Xe GPU are outdated/not available.... Setting the program to use to discrete GPU, or using the program on an external display connected directly to the discrete GPU [if a port is available, I am unfamiliar with your configuration] might resolve Photoshop's complaints.

4. Not sure about a sticky mouse, providing more details may allow someone to offer more input.

5. The laptop is 'thin and light' while packing an i7, 3060, and NVMe drive(s)... Heat will be a concern.
If it is too loud for you, I think you can use MSI Center [whatever variant is applicable to you] and choose a 'Silent' mode or something similar, to decrease performance in favor of lower noise levels.

True Color Installation
True Color Troubleshooting

From the FAQ for your model:
Concerning momentary black screen during AC/DC transition -
Laptops with panels that support multiple refresh rates setup may experience momentary black screens when connecting or disconnecting the power adapter.

This black screen is considered to be a normal phenomenon due to the changing refresh rates that are meant to provide better power efficiency when the AC power is unplugged.

Power efficiency plays an important when it comes to laptops, and the higher the display refresh rate panel has, the more power the system consumes. When the power is disconnected, MSI Display Power Saver will automatically adjust the panel refresh rate down to 60Hz or lower (depending on the panel support) to help prolong the battery life and switched back to the maximum refresh rate when the power is connected back again for the best viewer experience.

To stop the power saving by setup or avoiding the momentary black screen when plugging/unplugging the power adapter, follow the steps below.

Disable Display Power Saving in MSI Center/MSI Center Pro

(*Note: Models that don't bundle with a higher refresh rate panel will not have such an option)

- MSI Center: Launch MSI Center > Features > General Settings > Togged off the “Display Power Saver”

- MSI Center Pro: Launch MSI Center Pro > Setting > General Settings > Togged off the “Display Power Saver”
Concerning washed out display colors -
MSI True Color's display color calibration profiles work based on graphics drivers on the Windows system to provide accurate color calibration results.
Users who prefer having the latest generic driver update manually or Microsoft pushing the automatic driver update via Windows Update sometimes break the link between the graphics driver and the calibration profile, causing the abnormal display color wash-out.
If color washed-out shows on the screen after a graphics driver update (e.g. Intel VGA driver version or newer), follow the steps to solve the problem.
1. Download the latest Intel, NVIDIA graphics drivers, and True Color from the MSI Website.
*Note: Disconnect the network till the following steps are complete.
2. Refer to the below graphics drivers' clean installation guidance to install the Intel and NVIDIA graphics drivers downloaded from the MSI website.
[How To] Intel graphics driver Clean Install/Update
[How To] NVIDIA graphics driver Clean Install/Update
3. Follow the instruction to install the MSI True Color version or newer.

Picture A. Abnormal display color washed out

Picture B. Normal display color

Learn More

You can refer to this link for more - Creator-Z16-A12UET
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