Why You Should Still Consider A Desktop Replacement Laptop In 2022

Amelia CC

New member
Jul 12, 2021

Desktop Replacement Laptop is usually the one that might not be in your radar while picking one laptop for work and play. If you still don’t know what a desktop replacement laptop is, just look for the one with the biggest footprint and you will find it. As its name suggests, it’s built for those people who are looking for a laptop that could replace their desktop. So you will never see those common features that people will appreciate on a typical laptop such as portable chassis or long-lasting battery life on it. However, even though it looks really different from the modern laptops, you should still consider a desktop replacement laptop in 2022. Here’s why:

It Has Top-of-the-line Performance
Top-of-the-line performance has always been desktop replacement laptop’s major forte. As its name suggested, it packs the desktop-grade performance which also brings desktop-grade experience for work & play. Take the recently-launched MSI Titan GT77 as example, it delivers the similar single & multi-core performance as the high-end desktop processor Intel i7-12700K. In other words, if you’re looking for the top-performing laptop, a desktop replacement laptop is worth considering.


It Won’t Get Hot Or Loud
Great performance always comes with heat & fan noise on the laptop. However, thanks to its chunky chassis, the desktop replacement laptop has more room for squeezing more heat-pipes or fans, which promises more airflow bringing more heat out from its body and lower surface temperature & fan noise could be expected. So if you find yourself with quite limited tolerance to the heat and fan noise, you should consider the desktop replacement laptop.

It’s Easy To Be Upgraded
The laptop could last longer if it could be upgraded, such as memory or storage. However, it gets more & more difficult to upgrade the laptop because the pursuit of thinner chassis forces those laptop brands to solder more, even all memory & storage in the newer laptop which leads to poor upgradability. However, it’s not a big deal for a desktop replacement laptop because with its adequate room for the memory & storage sockets, you could easily upgrade it without a hassle. Take the newly-launched MSI GT77 as example, it rearms quad memory slots and storage slots which allows desktop-grade upgradability.

It Sports Versatile I/O Ports
Again thanks to its bigger footprint, the more versatile of I/O ports could be found on a desktop replacement laptop. Unlike thinner laptop coming with limited I/O selection, you could expect all kinds of I/O ports you will need for work & play such as HDMI, mini DP, Thunderbolt, USB Type-A, USB Type-C or even the full-size SD card reader. It also means you could get rid of the dongle or docking which is essential for a thinner laptop with limited I/O ports.


It Got Greater Keyboard
Key travel is something that will be easily sacrificed while making a thinner laptop, which leads to mediocre typing experience. But as a desktop replacement laptop, it has enough room for longer key travel distance, which will bring a satisfying keypress feel. It’s also the only laptop that you would expect to have a built-in mechanical keyboard. Mechanical keyboard is a common input device for desktop users but if you want to have one mechanical keyboard with laptop without attaching an external one, the desktop replacement laptop would be your only and best choice.

Ready For It?
According to the owner survey, these are also the reasons why people went for a desktop replacement laptop and surprisingly they didn't take it for something really serious but the regular work and play. So if you also appreciate these features brought by desktop replacement laptops, it’s a perfect time right now to get one because Intel had just launched the HX series mobile processor, which targets the crown of laptop performance. MSI, the renowned brand of performance laptop, also unveils their new flagship laptop with HX processor - the Titan GT77. It comes with high-end desktop performance, which will please you with higher frame rate in game or shorter time needed for processing tasks. Its class-leading cooling system including 4 fans, 7 heat-pipes and 6 exhaust vents promises lower skin temperature, and it should be long-lasting, thanks to its quad memory & SSD slots, which is future-proof. Mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX switch is another spotlight of the Titan and last but not least, it features all kinds of I/O ports you might not even need. So if you’re ready to get a desktop replacement laptop, The latest Titan GT77 should be on your watchlist.