Windows 7 installation SOP for MSI Notebook


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Oct 14, 2013
?. Unboxing
Except the notebook, there are some accessories, such as driver disc, battery, AC adapter, and mouse.

?. Preparing tools
A. Windows7 original installation disc
B. Prepare the drivers
i. Use the drivers in driver disc.
ii. Directly download them from MSI official website and get them ready
(Go to MSI official website >>Search models>>Download>>Driver>>download all drivers, and then select Utility tab to download all utilities.)

C. If there?s no optical drive in your model, for example: GS70 or GE40, you will need to prepare a optical drive.

?. Windows 7 installation
A. Put in the Windows installation disc. (The picture is for reference. Please ignore the texts.)

B. Push down the power button to boot up.

C. Set the boot mode to legacy mode in BIOS UEFI page, and press F10 to save and exit.

D. After the notebook rebooting, press F11 key to invoke the boot-up men. Select to boot up from optical drive.

E. When there?s a line ?Press any key to boot from CD or DVD? shown on the left-top corner of the screen, please press any key to boot up from it.

F. Select ?Next? to proceed.

G. Select ?Install now?.

H. Check ?I accept the license terms? and select ?Next?.

I. Select ?Drive options (advanced)? to define the segmentation of the hard drive.

J. Select ?NEW?. If you want to divide the whole space into 2 partitions, please fill in the volume number of the C disk and press ?Apply?. Or, apply all space as the system drive and directly press ?Apply?.

K. Select ?OK? to acknowledge the message and select ?NEXT? to begin the installation.

L. Input the user name and then press ?Next?.

M. Input the wanted password. If you don?t need it, directly select ?Next?.

N. Enter the product key of this Windows and select ?Next?.

O. Select ?Use recommended settings?.

P. Select your time zone, local time and date. Then press ?Next?.

Q. Complete the installation. Go to the Desktop.

?. Installation of the drivers and utilities.
A. Installation of the driver disc.
i. After booting up to the OS, eject your Windows installation disc and put in the driver disc.

ii. When AutoPlay shows up, select ?Run CDSetup.exe?.

iii. Select the tab ?Install Driver? and then there will be all drivers shown on the right hand side of the window. Please install all of them one by one. (Ignore the installation script)

iV. After all drivers were installed completely, please reboot the system. Then, run the driver disc again and select ?Utility? tab this time. There will be also some utilities shown on the right hand side of the window. (Ignore the installation steps.) When installing the Sound Blaster Cinema EQ, the installation will only show a blink of the cursor. There won?t be any message shown when installation is completed.

B. Download drivers from MSI official website to install.
i. Go to MSI official website and enter the model on the right-top corner of the webpage to search the product.

ii. Select ?Download?.

iii. Select ?Download? >> ?Driver? >> ?Please select your operating system first? and then download all drivers for every device one by one.

iv. Select ?Utility? >> ?Please select your operating system first? >> select ?SCM/ Sound Blaster Cinema AP/EQ/ Keyboard LED Manager? one by one.

v. Extract all zipped installers of the drivers and begin to install all of them one by one (ignore the installation script). After the installation is finished, please reboot the system to complete the installations of the drivers and utilities.




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Feb 12, 2017
Hello and thank you for sharing your stuff.

I recently bought a GS70 Stealth Pro 6th Gen. Tried to install win7 already without success.

1- Created USB stick
2- Enabled Legacy in bios
3- booted from USB win7


1- win7 installation screen pops up but doesnt see the ssd

2-copied the driver to the usb stick, ran it again and it says the driver is no good (downloaded from MSI)

I can't understand whats happening but i want windows 7 in y laptop not win10 home.

Please Help!


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Apr 18, 2015

Here are two websites that can help users install Win 7 on a new notebook:

Mantis Informatica - includes a Win 7 ISO containing Win 7 Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate that has the necessary drivers already slip-streamed into the build. All you need is an authentic and unused Windows product key for the version you wish to install.

Parsec at ASRock - provides manual instructions for installing Windows on a PCIe NVMe SSD.

To readers who haven't yet purchased a new MSI gaming notebook: If you want to use Win 7, choose an MSI retailer who will install it for you. There is usually a small fee for this service and you'll probably have to purchase a new Win 7 license (unless you have an unused product key from an unused license). One that I am familiar with and can recommend is Xotic PC in the U.S. In addition to being an excellent MSI rep, they are also one of the few MSI-authorized build-to-order retailers. They can do a variety of custom work (both software and hardware). Save yourself the hassle and let a pro like them install Win 7 for you.

Kind regards, David


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Feb 12, 2017
Thanks for the reply david,

I followed the second link you posted.

Unfortunately I'm not able to see the ssd drive. I can only see the recovery partition and the sata 1TB drive.
I also slip-streamed the laptop drivers into a USB stick but I found an error when pointing to the ssd driver. 

Apparently when on the windows installation, I point to the ssd drive and it gives an error something like'driver could not be installed, too old, contact your vendor".
I downloaded the driver several times from the msi website, wanted to make sure that I didn't lose  a couple of bytes  when downloading.

Also, I don't see options to customize the processor settings, is this normal?

ps: my first MSI laptop.