x370 gaming plus NVME and RAM bios issues 3rd gen ryzen


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Mar 10, 2011
First of all I am glad I can run a 3rd gen ryzen on this board.

board: x370 gaming plus
bios: 7A33v5JP(Beta version)
cpu: ryzen 3700x
ram: 2x16gb corsair vengance 4000Mhz cl19
ssd: lenovo 256gb nvme

With this bios I run into two problems:

1) the NVME drive isn't recognized when the 2 RAM dimms are installed (in the red slots). When I remove one, everything is ok... This issue exists on the 7A33v5JM bios as well.
2) I can't change the RAM speed. As soon as I set the RAM speed to anything but default (2133Mhz) it won't post. Even setting it manually to 2133Mhz it won't boot. This was not an issue on the 7A33v5JM bios as it can run 3600Mhz cl16 in this bios.

I hope this can be fixed in the next version. Thank you!
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