X399 BETA BIOS THREAD (Updated : 10-2-2017)

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Nov 20, 2012
NOTE 1: These are provided as a service to the user with no obligation. Abuse it, abuse the moderators, and we will discontinue it.
NOTE 2: These are provided as is with no expressed guarantee. USE THEM AT YOUR OWN RISK.
NOTE 3: BIOS NOTES will not be provided. If this causes you hesitation, then don't flash them and stick to the most recently released version found on your motherboards product support page.
NOTE 4: RELEASED BIOS's follow a Vx.x versioning, while BETA BIOS's follow a Vx.xx versioning. HOWEVER, for  instance, V1.5 is NEWER than V1.53. In other words, any released BIOS with the same Vx.x as a BETA BIOS is newer.

FLASHING NOTE 1 : It goes without saying, but if your system isn't stable (random reboots, etc....) do not flash a new BIOS. Determine what the issue is prior to flashing to reduce the chance of a bad flash happening.
FLASHING NOTE 2 : Follow the process defined below to have the best flash possible :
1. Load BIOS.
2. Load BIOS Defaults.
3. Save and reboot back into BIOS.
4. Flash new BIOS.
5. Reboot back into BIOS.
6. Load BIOS Defaults.
7. Save and reboot back into BIOS.
8. Setup the PC as desired.

X399 GAMING PRO CARBON AC : https://forum-en.msi.com/index.php?topic=290931.msg1644738#msg1644738 : [7B09V1]

10-2-2017 : 7B09V1
8-24-2017 : 7B09V1
8-17-2017 : 7B09V1
8-15-2017 : 7B09V1
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