X570 Gaming Pro Carbon Wifi Unboxing


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Aug 2, 2019
Hello guys would just like to share my personal experience (and review) of my newly bought x570 motherboard from msi.
For starters I posted this experience of mine here because I seldom see any legitimate x570 pro carbon wifi review, at least from consumers, and IT BUGS ME!!! Which gives me the idea on why not start my own since I just bought one. So, let?s get to it!
For a little background I have bought this motherboard along with a Ryzen 3600 processor which I intend to use on both productivity and gaming, initially I was thinking about buying a x570 mpg gaming edge wifi, but when I read the specs of the pro carbon, I decided to go with it. It perfectly fits my needs, 6 sata ports, 2 m.2 ssd?s slot, good set of vrm?s for overclocking and last but not the least, the 802.11ac or WIFI 6 as we know it, it doesn?t support sli sure, but I don?t have any plans on using a dual gpu set-up anyways and my target build was midrange to begin with so it?s not a problem for me. Also I already have a wifi 6 powered router at home, the TPLINK archer c3200 and since my room is awkwardly placed from the router, which prevents a decent ethernet solution, having a WIFI 6 powered motherboard is a no-brainer. I have looked at the other available motherboards with wifi 6, but all of them seems to be to overkill or at least not on the same price-point as the x570 gaming pro carbon, so in terms to value-to-performance ratio, it?s a win-win for me.
Opening the box was a good, because it?s my first really good gaming motherboard, previously I own an A320 motherboard from gigabyte, and comparing pro carbon to that is almost like day and night. The motherboard itself feel high-quality, with the beefy heat-sink, black and white carbon laden design and with the bonus RGB on the top left. As with the accessories the box contains a couple of SATA cables a couple of rgb led cables, a driver DVD, badge, and the wifi-antenna.
As I said before this motherboard came with the basic specs I needed, 6 sata ports(2 of which I will surely use), 2 m.2 SSD slot, wifi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0, crossfire support (though I doubt I will ever need that), Realtek alc1200 codec(a very good audio driver), intel gigabit lan(for future lan connection) and 5+5 power phase(for overclocking). It also came with a pre-installed I/O shield so I think I will be spared on installing that.

In terms of performance, I have not really yet tested my motherboard for I am still in progress of putting up additional components for my build, but all in all, this motherboard is designed to perform extremely well. I have read the in-depth technical reviews from anandtech and overclock3d (which I advise you to do so, specially if you are looking for a reliable in-depth performance review) and all I can say is that the performance of the x570 pro-carbon wifi in there is astounding, it even manages to win the OC3D Gamers Choice Award(from overclock3d.net).
Final thoughts.
For a price point of PHP13,980 this is a pretty solid motherboard, you could get away with the other cheaper options but if you want to go with additional features without having to spend that much then this motherboard is highly advisable.  And if you want to have in-depth performance review like I used to have then check the link below.