x58 Plat not accepting all RAM and super slow boot. [RESOLVED]


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Dec 12, 2008
I finally did it; I built my own computer. And this thing is SMOKING fast. 2.67GHz Intel Core i7 920, EVGA GTX 285, 6Gigs of Ram (3x2), no overclocking, and I've yet to see it temps go over 35 on HDDs and CPU. Amazing, right? except for two things...

According to my computer, I only have 4 gigs of RAM... I'm running 64bit Vista, so no problems there. Something is wrong with RAM slot A0 (first black one). Other two black slots run just fine, but if A0 is the only one occupied, my computer runs through a power cycle. Putting the RAM in the blue slots (any of the slots and any number of sticks) results in the computer giving me three long beeps and then power cycling, so that doesn't work. But the weirdest thing is that, while Vista and the Bios both say my total ram is only 4, the Bios knows that a 2gb Patriot RAM Stick (the sticks are http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820220369) is there!

The other problem is that it takes about 20 seconds from when I hit the power button till the computer actually starts to boot up. Is this just something with the Mobo?
I bought it from newegg with a 30 day replacement only RMA policy. It might still have time to RMA it, but like I said; I didn't want to lose use of this computer.
On top of that, this computer was a gift. The new board was actually the thing out of MY pocket, so I'm not too upset.
your problem like me.. but its easy to solve it
just change your setting bios in cell menu. change ratio memory as you have your memory spec..
here the result