X58 Platinum lack of drivers for Winxp X64 any ideas help


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Jun 14, 2009
I got a new rig with x58 platinum and ati radeon 4890 cards on crossfire 6gb ram. So far so good. i dont want to use winxp 32 cuz of performance hit not to mention that it wont use all of my mem, so idecided to go for x64 since Vista is unstable as hell. Win7 is in pipeline and linux well most of my stuff cant be found on that. So i got most things going but for the fact that a Audio device on High Dfinition Audio Bus thing is not working for lack of drivers i assume i used all the disks that came with it used the website looked offsite everything, but no luck for x64. There are 2 of these that are not set up under other devices, it may be part of the graphics card i feel, i have no idea, just guessing since audio is working. I do get jerkyness in a game where there is audio and grahics same time high def ones i think most things seem to work ok though, any help would be appreciated.

Download the file from that link. If you're running SP2, you'll need to extract the files out of that hotfix since it won't install normally on SP2. In the Device Manager, choose to update the driver. Point it to the "Update" folder that was extracted out of the hotfix. The UAA driver should install. You still may need the actual driver for your audio chip since this only covers the Microsoft High Definition Audio Bus driver.