X58 pro freezes and restarts


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Apr 28, 2009
Built a new system.  It is completely stock right now, and I was just trying to make sure the build was stable. Seems to be ok most of the time when just using normal applications. When I tried to run Everest System Stability test, it would either freeze up completely, or restart. The prime95 small fft seemed to run ok, but when I tried to run the blend torture test, the same thing would happen as well.  I ran memtest86+ 2.11 and it went through many passes with no errors detected whatsoever.

Please help! much appreciated.

- Core i7 920
- MSI X58 Pro BIOS version 7.1
- Corsair 6gb DDR3 1333 (PC3 10666) (TR3X6G1333C9)
- Sapphire Radeon HD 4830
- Sapphire Radeon HD 4830
Im having the same problem.

I7 940
Corsair 6gb DDR3 1333 (PC3 10666) (TR3X6G1333C9)

HIS Radeon 4870 in Crossfire mode
Corsair 850 watt PS
Vista 64 bit

Components all show low temperature.  Either freezes or (moast of the time) just reboots.
I have tried replacing the power supply,
Running each video card as an individual card
I am now going to try loading XP.

Doesnt seem to be a load issue.  Sometimes it reboots/ freezes while doing nothing, other times I will get 1-2 hours of Photoshop in and it will reboot

Sometimes it gets a bit confusing trying to help 2 at the same time in one thread, but as long as alteredgenetics doesn't mind & the problem is the same, here goes. Do you have CPU-Z utility? That will be a big help. I have linked to it below. The Intel i7 series integral memory controller, only natively supports 800/1066, & the board manufacturer takes it from there. On the X58 Pro's I've helped build, they used Corsair PC3 12800's, & had '0' issues with running at 1333. However, they were all bios version 7.0. To get yours to run stable at 1333, DRAM V. may need a boost to 1.6v & manual settings of timings 9 9 9 24 1T (Mem. Ratio 5).

In bios, Cell Menu, do you have 'Spread Spectrum' disabled? If not, do so. For a quick & simple test, change 'Memory Ratio' to 4, & see if the problem persists. Also, did your board come with bios 7.1, or did you flash? If you did, what method did you use, & did you clear CMOS with the power cord removed after the flash?

The Memory tab in CPU-Z will give you your current readings, & the SPD tab will give you your JEDEC, EPP-XMP info. Again, try at 1066 (Mem. Ratio 4) & test for stability first. Then try the changes & tweaks for a stable 1333.


Added: Do you have 'Extreme Memory Profile' enabled or disabled in bios Cell Menu? It should be disabled for manual settings changes & adjustments.

I am running a very similar setup to you.
- Core i7 920
- MSI X58 Pro BIOS version 7.33
- Corsair 6gb DDR3 1600 (TR3X6G1600C9)
- Single Gigabyte HD4870 Video Card
- OCZ 700 PSU

I had countless stability issues with this board.? Thought it was the memory settings.? Get your settings setup in the bios and boot into memtest:
Download Memtest86+ V2.11 from--->Here and extract the ISO image. Burn the ISO image to an CD-ROM disk.

Run it at least through 2 passes.? It may take a few hours to do so.? If you get through this, your memory is really not the problem.? If you get errors, you may want to contact MSI and see if they can provide you with a later date revision bios.? Then repeat the cycle

I had to get updated bios revisions to get to the point I am at.? I have had a successful 24 run on a blended prime95 stress test.? In fact it is running as I type. I am almost ready to call this stable

Good luck

Thanks for your suggestions, I'm going to try stability testing at 1066, and will report back once I have the results with that.

My BIOS is currently V7.1 and it came that way, do you think I might need to change that?

Also, I have disabled both the Extreme Memory Profile as well as the Spread Spectrum
Recommend leaving the bios with it's shipped version. At this point in stability testing, further bios flashing is 'not' a good thing to do, & may not be necessary anyway.

Zivman, alteredg. 'has' run memtest successfully, as stated in his opening post. Also, his & jflijohn's RAM is test rated 'up to 1333', yours was tested 'up to 1600'. Sometimes, 'rated' speeds can't be achieved regardless of bios updates or settings & voltage changes.
So, I did as you suggested, and set the ram to memory ratio 4. I ran OCCT for a couple hours, and then did a prime95 blended test overnight. When I got up this morning, it was still running, so that's a good sign.  Thanks for your help!, I finally seem to be getting somewhere.

So from what I understand, after it seems stable with ratio 4, I should try and switch to memory ratio 5, while boosting the DRAM voltage to 1.6v and then test for stability again?
Yes, if you would like to give that a try. If it doesn't run stable at the new settings, just return everything back to ratio 4 configuration.

As a side note, running at a stable 1066 instead of 1333, is a 'very' small loss in performance. Less than 1 FPS in some cases.
Yea, maybe its not worth it, I'm pretty happy with just at stable system after all that headache haha. 
However, if I do plan on OCing this machine in the future, would it be more preferable to be able to get the ram to run at 1333?

Thanks for your help!
Not necessarily. CPU & VGA card have the biggest impact on FPS rates. Once you reach *60+ FPS (for us average folks?), everything over that is kind of overkill anyway.

Just to satisfy your curiosity tho, it certainly won't hurt anything to try & get a stable 1333. 1.6v is below the 1.65v max. If successful getting a stable 1333, run some bench tests with the RAM at 1066 & 1333. I think you will be surprised at the little difference in FPS.

Once everything is confirmed stable, OC'ing this particular board isn't super hard. If you decide to, start a new thread in the 'Overclocking & Modder's Corner' of the forum.

Edit: *70+? :think:
Once you reach 60+ FPS, everything over that is kind of overkill anyway.
Not necessarily true.  Some people, such as myself, can detect up to 75 or a bit more fps.  Some sources state that the human eye can detect far greater fps than 70, or even far greater than 100.   I think that anything over 80 looks same.  In CRTs, I can detect flicker at 75Hz where many can not.  I use a CRT and have to run it at 85Hz to avoid the flicker effect.

Hello Guys bought this babe board last week monday getting me crazy with the freeze windows screen, keep reinstalling and troubleshooting, been reading all forum thread but never solve my problem.

Solution :
Not sure it will help you guys but it work for me, I've install the windows 7 RC 64 bit version. it work well and smooth. i suspect the this babe only support 64 bits OS version. I ain't gonna try other 64 bits version since right now it working fine. Maybe you guys try out and share to let us know the result.

Previous OS: WINXP Service Pack 3 32bits
Current  OS: Windows 7 RC downloadable at "http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/evalcenter/dd353205.aspx?ITPID=mscomsc"

Happy Installing,
I purchased the x58 platinium sli mbd last month and ran into the same issue you are having.  I replaced the mbd and memory.  Have not run into this random freezing and reboot since.
Oh man am I glad I stumbled across this forum. I have the MSi Platinum SLI as well and have had the same exact lock up issues. Took Hu16e's suggestion of tinkering with the ram settings and have had nary a problem for the last 48 hours.

Many thanks!! :biggthumbsup:
am having the same issues that you guys have... but i have the memory set to 1600, i will try to put this at 1333 and do the memo test...thanks