z370a Per Core OC problem


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May 12, 2020
Hello! I have an MSI z370a PRO mobo. my stable all core settings: 1.312-1.320vcore, 4900mhz 0 AVX, 9600kf
In bios I enable EIST Turbo and Enhanced Turbo(multi core enhancement i guess), i enacle C state and ce1 stabe when i go to Expert mode OC settings ,

selecting Per core options:
  • 1st 52
  • 2nd 52
  • 3rd 51
  • 4th 51
  • 5th 50
  • 6st 49

when i make it like this my base clock becomes 4900mhz. so when there is ANY kind of load that is 50 percent or higher my all core frequency drops to 4900mhz.
but when i am gaming or using my pc on lite tasks her eis what happens: core clocks vary from 4900mhz to 5200mhz fully stable. when cpu load hits 50 percent this is limited to 4900mhz making sure my system is stable.
now what is the question?

here: when i go to intel XTU and make the config like this:
  • 1st 52
  • 2nd 52
  • 3rd 52
  • 4th 51
  • 5th 52
  • 6st 49
my cpu frequency while in gaming now definitely gets more core boosts to 5200 mhz!
problem is when i set this in BIOS when i boot the 2nd config wont work!
my cores will be locked at 4900mhz! no matter what the load is!

when i check in XTU i see that the config is different than what i type in bios: it is changed into 49x 49x 50x sth like this...
I don't know if this is a bios bug or a protection. but when i do the 2nd config manually in Intel XTU, it works like a charm!
what is your opinion about this?

I want to make sure my config is like the 2nd version in bios so i don't have to bother with this

I'm on the latest bios version btw.

The percore variable overclocking is very nice actually. when i game i see 5200mhz thru all cores except 6th. when the cpu usage goes like 50 or higher i drop to 4900mhz all cores so i am 100 percent stable !

how to fix this issue? is this a bios bug? thanks

or is there offical rules for per clock variable overclocking?