Z390 Gaming AC - Won't shut down, restart or come out of sleep mode


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Aug 12, 2020
I just finished a build with a Z390, Intel I9, 64MB RAM, 2 Gigabyte 1660 GPUs.
Everything works perfectly fine when the computer is on. Running smooth and without issues. However, if I shut down from Windows, windows will shut down, screen will go black, but the motherboard will not shut down. Fans stay on, and lights stay on. If I try to restart, same thing happens --- screen goes black, motherboard stays on and the system DOES NOT restart --- i have to do a hard restart from the power button. Also, if the system goes into sleep mode, it does not come out at all. Have to do a hard start. I also noticed that if i go into BIOS and make any changes, when i save and exit, the system does not reboot. It goes into a black screen with a single "_" at the left top corner. Only way to get out is to do a hard start.... I was thinking that this was a Windows 10 issue, but the fact that i am having issues coming out of BIOS makes me think it could be hardware related. I have gone to the end of the internet trying to find a solution...

I have done the following to absolutely no avail:

- unchecked box for fast restart under power settings
- disabled intel engine management
- re-installed windows
- removed CMOS battery to return BIOS to default settings
- updated BIOS to latest version from USB
- ran troubleshooter in windows
- several other "workarounds" i found online

Everything in the system is brand new. No re-used parts... I am at a loss and would appreciate help. Thank you so much!


Apr 9, 2020
Could you list full system spec? Which version of Windows? Did you overclock your system?