Z490 A-Pro Insufficient PCI Resources. 10 GPU and try for 11


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May 21, 2022
I have this motherboard with a celeron g5905 and 8GB of RAM. I am using it with 10 GPUs for mining, at first I had connected 2 gpu in the m2 slots, 4 in the pcie and a 6 splitter (in the 16x slot) with 4 GPUs connected. But if I try to insert the eleventh gpu I get the following error: "!!!! PCI Resource ERROR !!!
PCI OUT of Resources Condition:

ERROR: Insufficient PCI resources found !!!

The system is running with insufficient PCI resources!
To view this message some
PCI devices have been set to disabled state!
It is highly recommended that you turn off the system
and remove some PCI / PCI Express cards from the system.
...... "
I tried to take off its GPUs on the m2 (because from what I know the m2 slot takes up two lines) and took a second pcie adapter, but again I get the following error. I have enabled Above 4G memory / crypto Currency mining, set in gen 1, as IGD video, HD audio disabled. The operating system I use is HIVEOS on a 120GB SSD. Could I try anything else? Or have I come to the limit of this MOBO? Could increasing the Ram help? The first adapter is placed in the x16 slot, would it help to insert a gpu into that slot and move the adapter to a 1x slot?