Z490 Unify - New PC Build Need Help Trouble Shooting Error Codes!!


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Aug 9, 2020
It's my birthday today and I just built my first gaming pc and of course when I go to boot it up I get some error codes.

I was getting error code A6. I tried disconnecting everything and reconnecting it and still got A6.

I removed the graphics cards and got an error code 98, I removed all the USB devices and even disconnected the front panel connectors and am still getting error code 98.

Computer Specs
CPU: i5-10600k
Mobo: MSI z490 Unify
Ram: gzkill trident 16 gb 3600
Storage: Crucial 1tb m.2 ssd
Power Supply: Corsair rm850x
AIO: Corsair H150i
Case: Lian Li pc-011

*My motherboard box came unsealed, do you think I possibly got a motherboard that was returned because it was faulty.*
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