Z690 unify x issues

Jun 22, 2022
Hello , I recently bought an MSI Z690 Unify-X an i9-12900KS and a Gskill Z5 RGB 6400mhz cl32 kit. I updated the bios to (7D28vA3) to accommodate the 12900KS microcode. so far without worries. I activated XMP to benefit from the maximum performance of my ram. I encounter in games total freeze of the pc it is impossible to play more than 10 min… I would like to know what I can do, I'm lost. I see that there is a beta bios 7D28vA42 that could solve the problem? thank you .
Good. Now you can run a bit of Linpack Xtreme to be sure. But watch your temperatures, this causes very high AVX load for the CPU.
I run 1usmus_v3 now and i share u results. It’s really strange yesterday i played horizon zero dawn and pc completely stuck , freeze after a cinematic after 20 min of play . I m on ek quantum velocity 2 on a MORA3 420 i think it’s good for linpack xtreme .
Yep it's all good. So your CPU, IMC and RAM should be stable. If you get a freeze in a game now, it could have to do with the graphics card heating up the system and causing problems elsewhere.
When i look at your CPU, board and RAM, then the graphics card surely is a high-end model too with a big power consumption (and therefore heat production). RAM is temperature-sensitive.

If you can reproduce the freeze after 20-30 mins for example, then you could do a test like leaving the side panel open and pointing a big household fan at the board.
When you don't get any freezes then, it means it would be temperature-related somehow.
I just launched horizon zero dawn and the game/pc freeze in 4 min … yes i m on big gpu i m on a 3090 ti suprim x but my card won’t pass 35 degres ! I m a mora 420 with 9 fans noctua nfa 14 ippc 3200rpm and 2 d5 pump 1500L/H . And i get crash .. sorry but i m I am completely discouraged what can i do ?
Game stuck.. and this is my pc build . It’s not possible it’s high temps . The cpu and card is super « cold » and for the cpu i m on ek quantum velocity 2 , my psu is a Corsair AX1600i 80 plus titanium.
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How is the GPU plugged into the board, via riser? What is your airflow situation for the board / VRM / RAM?
Can you make a screenshow of all the HWinfo64 sensors when a game is running? Expand the sensors first, <- ->, then press PRINT key and paste in Paint and save, don't make a photo.