Z690 unify x issues

Jun 22, 2022
Hello , I recently bought an MSI Z690 Unify-X an i9-12900KS and a Gskill Z5 RGB 6400mhz cl32 kit. I updated the bios to (7D28vA3) to accommodate the 12900KS microcode. so far without worries. I activated XMP to benefit from the maximum performance of my ram. I encounter in games total freeze of the pc it is impossible to play more than 10 min… I would like to know what I can do, I'm lost. I see that there is a beta bios 7D28vA42 that could solve the problem? thank you .
@citay for the 5600mhz it’s ( i enable XMP and i change DRAM frequency it’s good ? I put 5600 G2 56x100.00x1.00) and 5600 Command rate auto and 32 39 39 102 . CPU SA volatge mod auto CPU SA voltage left 1.254V and right auto . VDDQ voltage 1.212V left auto on right VDDQ2 1.148V and auto DRAM voltage 1.400V DRAM VDDQ voltage 1.400V both auto .
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All of them, except DRAM and DRAM VDDQ because 1.4V is already plenty high. So potentially, CPU SA, CPU VDDQ, and CPU VDD2 (which is not "VDDQ2").

You can also loosen the timings. Like i say in my RAM thread, in case of RAM problems, no matter the technology, there are three possibilities, which can also be used in combination:
1) Raise voltage
2) Lower frequency
3) Loosen timings
As i said numerous times, DDR5-6400 is extremely challenging and might not work no matter what you do. I thought you were trying to stabilize DDR5-5600 now.
Sure, why not. When you raise the voltages substantially, you can immediately verify if added voltage leads to more stability. For example do a full test run of TestMem5. If it's not any more stable, then changing the voltage might not be the answer. But if it is stable, then you can lower the voltages a bit again and test at what point you get instability. I would be susprised if you couldn't stabilize DDR5-5600 somehow.
I want to hear that the xmp activate may not work at its maximum value ok no worries. but without XMP I still can't play .. there I come to a point where the motherboard I'm going to tear it apart and break it in two I really end up freaking out or becoming completely sick.
I think you are trying to joke now? I tell you how challenging DDR5-6400 is and you want to try DDR5-6600? While you haven't found anything truly stable yet?

Like i said before, the following factors all affect if the RAM can run at a certain speed:
- Your mainboard (PCB layer count, PCB trace optimization, RAM slot layout, component selection, RAM VRM etc.)
-> Good, you have a nice board

- The mainboard's BIOS optimizations
-> So-so, previous platforms had less RAM problems, but this is the first platform with DDR4+5 support

- Your CPU's integrated memory controller (IMC), quality depends on the individual CPU (silicon lottery, not only for CPU core quality, also for Uncore/IMC quality)
-> Unknown, but probably not top notch

- And finally, the properties of the RAM modules.
-> They are binned for DDR5-6400, but all the other factors need to be good too.

DDR5-6600 is going towards the extreme DDR5 OC territory, i don't know what makes you believe that you can achieve that so easily. 1.5V for the DRAM voltages is extremely high, it would even be high for DDR4 already, but for DDR5 it's really a lot. You start to need active RAM cooling around there, otherwise the RAM might cause errors once it heats up. For the other IMC-related voltages, you might degrade the IMC inside the CPU if you run it daily with excessive voltage.

For three pages we now have tried to doctor around with your RAM. Maybe it's time you post a full, detailed list of all your hardware, exact models of everything, and maybe you need to even consider buying a different kit of RAM. But you might end up finding out that the RAM is not the limiting factor, and it's one of the other things i listed.

DDR5 is in its infancy. You cannot expect the level of maturity that you know from DDR4, especially not above DDR5-6000. So if you want the best chance of stability, stay at DDR5-6000 and below, and then it should not be too hard to make it stable. That should need no more than 1.35V for the DRAM voltages, and the other IMC-related ones, you will have to test.
If the PC freezes, you normally have no other choice but to press the reset button. It's not really dangerous, but if you had any unsaved documents open in the background, the changes will be lost.

Please list all your hardware, exact models of everything.
@Xo-itoshi plz listen @citay list all your components in detail . and as far as I'm concerned about my worries as you said above I didn't repost because I no longer have any worries I bought a z690 DARK KINGPIN and I bought a 3090 ti KINGPIN too. I have no problem stabilizing with 6400mhz .