Z790 ACE Max DDR5 overclocking


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Apr 28, 2024
Anyone want to share their experiences and/or timings?

I can get 7800MHz, 2000% Karhu pass.

Anyone get 8000MHz or higher stable?
Here you'll find more discussions about getting a demanding XMP to work, not getting something even higher to work. And those discussions tend to be in the Gaming or Intel sections, not here under OC. The overall behaviour of the settings should not be that much different between ASUS and MSI, they both rely on the Intel IMC to do most of the work. You should find all the similar relevant IMC-related voltages and all the timings that you have on ASUS as well. Of course, at a certain point, the memory system comes to a natural limit, even DDR5-7800 is already quite impressive, you don't see that too often here. What's your kit's original XMP?
First kit was G.Skill 2 x 24 7200MHz. Karhu 2000% stable at 7800MHz.

Currently using a TeamGroup 2 x 24 8000MHz kit, which I can run at 8000MHz, but not XMP profile, and although it runs fine for most desktop usage, is not completely stable.

I have focused more on CPU overclock and stabilizing that, now I want to turn to memory overclock optimization.
CPU overclocking tends have too many downsides in skyrocketing power draw, hard-to-manage temperatures and lowered efficiency nowadays, because the higher-end CPUs have been pushed too much from factory already. It's becoming a dying art, only something for those who do it as their hobby, but a normal user probably won't and shouldn't bother.

RAM OC has much less downsides (if any) when you verify stability, other than it takes a lot of time for testing and verification. Above a certain point, it won't amount to much either, it's just for bragging rights on forums such as Overclock.net, if that's your cup of tea. Basically you lose way too much time for small gains in RAM performance.

Yes, the XMP (especially in the secondary and tertiary timings) can be quite loose, and i also enjoy optimizing that. But pushing the RAM to the absolute limit like this, then it really has to be your hobby and passion, because for overall performance, those last 200 MT/s won't make a real difference anymore. But yeah, just look at what the others are doing for this kind of speed, they probably tweak all the same voltages and things that are in the MSI BIOS too.