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Author Topic: Help please, sound issue P965 Platinum  (Read 1474 times)

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Help please, sound issue P965 Platinum
« on: 31-December-06, 04:00:29 »

I have this mobo MSI 965 Platinum. It works well excepting one (annoyng) thing: when I record something (via tv tuner or via fraps) the recording has no sound!
I tried to capture a movie while playing Oblivion. In Fraps I checked the "record sound" box, I assigned a hotkey and proceeded. Everything's fine while recording. Then, I open the movie and it's perfect, excepting it's mute!!!
Then I tried to record a tv program with my Leadtek USB 2 deluxe tuner. The image of my recording is excellent, while there is no sound!
Is there a method to find out what's wrong?


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Re: Help please, sound issue P965 Platinum
« Reply #1 on: 12-January-19, 05:02:43 »
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  • The same problem causes Bandicam (in "Game Record Mode"), Fraps, Filmora scrn, and probably others, to record video but no audio. The solution is to uninstall Nahimic.


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    Re: Help please, sound issue P965 Platinum
    « Reply #2 on: 12-January-19, 07:02:40 »
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  • Yeah, Nahimic on a 13 years old motherboard.... :bonk: Obviously Nahimic did not exist back then but that is the problem when resurrecting a 13 years old thread....

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