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Author Topic: If flash disk doesn't recognised by computer. Where can be problem?  (Read 1764 times)

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Hello. If flash disk doesn't recognised by computer. Where can be problem?
 I entered from
1. "Control Panel" to "Performance and Maintenance"
2. Then to System
3. From System to hardware device manager.
4. In device manager opened USB Controlleres.From USB Controlleres' driver tab I tried to
udate the driver. and got messange that already needed driver installed.
 So Where can be problem? I changed my computer's Motherboard, but with other Motherboard
I got the same problem.
Wanna mentioned that problem exactly not in flash disk.


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  • what else are we gona do with all these pc,s
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  • Hello, have you treid the fash card in another pc? will other devices work in that usb port? henrythe9th
    msi NEO4 SLI (7100-030)9.3 bios,opty 170@2.4
    ASETEK/d-tek watercooled
    OCZ 2x1g pc3200gtx 3,3,3,8,1T
    Bfg 7950gt pci-e
    2x80wd sata raid 1  1&3
    sb-audigy 2 zs
    infinity mid-case
    rosewell rp550-3.3v=30a,5.0v=50a,12v=18a x2
    dvd-rw- cd-rw   xp pro,sp2

    2nd MSI neo4 plat. opty148@2.6
    MSI 7600gt
    kingston hyperX pc-4000 4x512
    antec full tower /true power 550 PSU
    WD sataII 120gig

    3RD- DFI UT Expert,opty 170@2.4                                 
    water cooled  Kandolf case
    2x1G Ocz pc4000GX 3,3,3,7 1t @ddr520
    2x evga 8800gts 320ram SLI
    wd 160g SataII /wd80g sataII
    scsi 73 gig fujistu U160
    lite-on combo dvd-cdr
    MSI tubrosteam 600w 12v=22a x2
    xp pro sp2


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