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Author Topic: AMD CPU Temperatures.....  (Read 8532 times)

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AMD CPU Temperatures.....
« on: 19-July-02, 23:58:25 »

Hi there,

To answer most peoples question about the temperatures of the Athlons and Durons.....

I have had an Athlon running at 112C (Yes Celcius) for about a week, I didn't noticed it before, it still running and hasn't broken down :]

I have had my Athlons running at full load at 80C for more then 1/2 year without any problems......
You shouldn't start to worry about temperatures until your CPU reaches over 80C.

BUT the difference between idle and full load shouldn't be more then 10 a 15C!

A typical idle temperature of an Athlon is about 50C and upto 60C at full load when an AMD approved cooler is used.

The temps for the Duron and Athlons under 1000MHz are a bit lower, but the same applies.

The maximum temperature where an Athlon should function normally is 95C and 90C for a Duron or Athlon under 1000MHz or XP-CPU.

If you go over it, it will still function but there are no guaranties that it does, you have to go way over 95C before they burn up.
My rule is that if you are using a AMD approved cooler and you run under 60-65 at full load, you are fine.

If you have 45-55 idle or below, this is what the BIOS says, you should also be fine.

When you are going to set limits for the critical CPU temperature, you should set them at 80-90C, don't set them any lower or you risk being shutdown in the middle of your favorite game

AMD CPU's are hot CPU's, and they like it, that's why they are running soo damn fast :P
Another problem I discovered, is the fact that the temps can look fine, even when the CPU cooler is mounted wrong!
Make very sure it's mounted the proper way, as there is only 1 WAY to mount it.
You can't check this by looking at the cooler, it must be taken off if you have any doubts it's mounted the proper way.

When a cooler is taken off, you must clean it and regrease it again! (It will blow if you don't!)
It's not recommended you use Silverpaste to grease it again, you better use whitepaste....
Silvergrease can shorten the bridges on the CPU if used too much and can make your system to mailfunction....
In any case, use very little to cover only the dice of the CPU with a very thin layer (as thin as possible), do not smear it all over the CPU..



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(No subject)
« Reply #1 on: 20-July-02, 04:25:37 »

In other words USE INTEL CPU.
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(No subject)
« Reply #2 on: 21-July-02, 06:11:10 »

you used the nforce befor.
did you notest it behind higher then realality? one guy at AMDMB used a temp prob and the nforce was about 10c higher.

iv notested the sam CPU with same heat sink is about 10 difrence on my k7n420. comparted to a nother mobo.

not that i worry but i lots of guys post about thare nforce being to hot... i just tell them 60idle's nothing to be scared of as long as your stable
the force is strong in this one

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(No subject)
« Reply #3 on: 21-July-02, 18:51:54 »

Hi Beaverpants,

Well that's the problem with boards that don't use the AMD's internal sensor....
They can be way off, but they should stay between the range of 10-15C for idle compared to full-load....
If they keep on rising there is a problem....
The boards that do use this internal sensor like the KT3 would give a fairly accurate number....


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(No subject)
« Reply #4 on: 21-July-02, 19:03:16 »


 thing is bas any kt3 ive seen posted at amd over the month or so this forum was down which was hitting
50 to 60 degrees would not post at 133 if it posted at 100 evan ,that board in particular when set up with a descent fan does not seem to go over 50 overclocked
and most who post there idle at 42 or less and max at 48

as beaver says nforce boards tend to display much higher numbers and will run at the higher numbers
but any one who cannot get 133 as a fsb on a kt3 wants to look at temps first and if much over mid forties
that could well be your problem
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(No subject)
« Reply #5 on: 21-July-02, 19:16:59 »

Hi Wonka,

Well mine is hitting 60-62 at full load, 48-52 idle.....
You can't put an exact number on the posting or not....
The problem is that heating is only saying something about the performance of the cooler, nothing more.....
Most of the time when they don't start, the cooler is mounted wrong and even showing the correct numbers, the powersupply isn't good enough or they used wrong BIOS settings.....
I have seen some people even running it at 80C with a cooler being too small......
This board has a circuit that measures the temp-rising-speed, if it's going to fast, it won't post or shutdown down's that simple...
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