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Author Topic: Raid Array not detected....  (Read 2782 times)

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Raid Array not detected....
« on: 29-June-07, 19:28:10 »

Hi all,

Trying to install XP - i have created the raid array using 2 34gb raptors.
Its healthy and yet going to install xp windows doesnt detect any harddrives on my computer?

Ive tried downloading the drivers for raid - but when i hit enter, nothing happens - and the disk is readable and the files de-compressed?

If anyone can offer any advice, it would be appreciated - thanks

Msi P6n platinum
2 x 34gb raptors
8800gts xxx 320mb
2 gig xms2 corsair 6400c4
hiper 480w


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« Reply #1 on: 30-June-07, 00:37:27 »

Ive tried downloading the drivers for raid - but when i hit enter, nothing happens -

Have you unzipped the downloaded RAID drivers for floppy, acually put them on a floppy disk and pressed F6 when prompted at the beginning of the XP install procedure?  Or what do you mean by download and hitting enter?

Also, make sure you are using XP with integrated SP2.


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« Reply #2 on: 30-June-07, 02:59:59 »

I'm having this problem too except I'm just trying to instal a single SATA drive.  Downloaded the nVidia C55+MCP51 SATA RAID Driver from the driver download page for the P6N SLI Platinum.  Unzipped the contents to a disk, but when I hit enter at the screen, I am just prompted to hit enter again.  I did notice that the download (41MB) for the NVIDIA nForce 650 SLI System Drivers has SATA drivers included.  I downloaded it and found a folder labled SATA_IDE and SATARAID.  Would these be the drivers I need?  I'm a little annoyed that the board didn't come with a disk, as it seems to be the only way to install the drivers with XP.  Then again my experience with MSI support hasn't been that great anyway so I can't say I'm too surprised.


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« Reply #3 on: 30-June-07, 05:48:53 »


To install the SATA / SATA RAID drivers for 3rd party controllers, you have to do the following:

1) Format your Floppy to FAT32

2) Unzip the drivers to the floppy disk

3) Reboot the system with the Windows OS installation CD

4) Hit F6 when prompted for installation of 3rd party controllers

5) Insert floppy disk that contains the SATA / SATA RAID drivers

6) Hit enter after you've inserted the disk

7) Confirm drivers and install

8) Reboot after installation, removed floppy disk and CD before system boots up.
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« Reply #4 on: 30-June-07, 06:02:27 »

1) Format your Floppy to FAT32

Just FAT is enuf, no need FAT32, actually you can't format FAT32 on a floppy anyway.

Anyway, all instructions are correct. ;)
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« Reply #5 on: 30-June-07, 07:51:13 »

I'm having this problem too except I'm just trying to instal a single SATA drive.  Downloaded the nVidia C55+MCP51 SATA RAID Driver from the driver download page for the P6N SLI Platinum.

I am unfamiliar with this particular RAID driver/board, but in some cases you need to have TWO drives before the driver will activate and 'see' the array.  I ran in to this case with the INTEL ICH7D RAID/Matrix storage.

Good luck.
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« Reply #6 on: 30-June-07, 14:20:52 »

Thanks for the quick replies so far.  Here is an update.  First my setup:

MSI P6N SLI Plaitinum Motherboard
Intel E6600 Core 2 Duo 2.4Ghz Processor
4GB G.Skill PC 6400 RAM (4x1GB) @ 800Mhz
MSI nVidia 8600GTS Video card
1 Samsung 500GB 7200RPM SATA HD
ULTRA 600W Power Supply

Now for some additional info/questoins:

1) Do you have to format each time rather than copy the files?  I have an old disk that I am using that was already formatted so I just deleted the files that were on it and extracted the zip files to it.

2) Would Linux some how change the format of the disk from FAT32 if I used it to extract the zip?  The only computer that I had access to with a floppy drive was running Linux.  Never had a problem with copying files on a Linux box and then use them on a Windows box as long as the disk was formatted by Windows, but who knows.

3) Does Windows look for a specific directory structure rather than a specific file at startup?  When I extracted the files the first time, they were copied directly to the disk and the SATARAID folder was not included in the structure.  I then took the SATARAID and STAT_IDE folders out of the 41MB Drvier file and put them on the disk.  I got no indication that the disk was full or there were any issues with writing the disk, but now I get a prompt saying that txtsetup.oem was not found on the disk rather than the normal "please insert disk into drive A:"  Could having the folder vs just putting the files on the disk make a difference?

4) In the process of trying to get this to work I'm noticing an even bigger problem.  Windows will rarely run through the startup process to the point to install the drivers.  The majority of the time, 80-90%, it will hang at the step "Windows is copying files (Windows Executive)..." and I have to reboot several times, as well as change the boot drive to get it to work just one time.  After it works once, it starts freezing again on reboot.

5) Apparently I have to install the drivers, even with one drive.  If I do not hit F6 the setup will run through and get to "Starting Windows" and hang without ever prompting me to set up a partition or specify a drive to install Windows on.  If I hit F6 and get to the page to load drivers, it says that no devices are found and allows me to specify another device.  This is where I am supposed to be able to install the drivers for the board, but haven't been able to yet.
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