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MSI 865PE Neo3-F LGA 775 Intel 865PE ATX Intel Motherboard "Ethernet Drivers"


Hello This is my mother board-  MSI 865PE Neo3-F LGA 775 Intel 865PE ATX Intel Motherboard, I have recently just reformatted my PC everything is fine except my ethernet drivers, my parents lost my Mother board disc so I normally have to manually install them. "Find downloads for them"... So I have been trying to find some working ethernet drivers for it I have installed the following drivers and it is STILL not working... Just "Ethernet"...
I have downloaded those and installed them... the MSI Lan utility thing is installed.. But I just can't seam to get it to work... So.. Would some one mind telling me what I am doing wrong or list me a link of what I need to download and install? and if it's something I have to manually place in a folder could you please tell me where to put it in? I am using WIndows XP Pro.
Thank you.

You can find drivers for your mainboard here:

Uh I have been to that website and they do not work. And that link does not work either... =D Please help.

Del UK:

Also, make sure you have all updates......

Via Windows Update, then custom is MicroSoft Realtek drivers update...........

Check also in bios you do not have boot lan enabled...... another thought you do have Lan enabled in bios? :lol_anim:


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