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Author Topic: MSI MS-7522 (X58 PLatinum) Motherboard and PS/2 Keyboard?  (Read 11146 times)

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New system with MSI MS-7522 (X58 Platinum) Motherboard, and an IBM PS/2 keyboard, what I am seeing is that on booting, the BIOS or something has difficulty with the keyboard.  Everything comes up, but the keyboard is dead.  This was working fine on the previous system, and works most of the time with the MS-7522, and once it boots OK, it stays fine, even going through sleep modes.  But some of the time, say 30%, the keyboard is dead.  I have to take the system then through a full shut-down to recover it.  So I think I'm getting some sort of timing error, or other problem with the BIOS (1.1).  Two questions then really:

  • Has anyone else run into this sort of thing?
  • Any suggestions?

I suppose someone is going to suggest, try another keyboard, which I've done, and am typing this in on now.  This one seems to work better, haven't been through enough boot cycles to say it's 100%, but this is a "newer" variant, PS/2 Lexmark, and doesn't have quite the feel that the IBM (yes, actual IBM) keyboards had.  They're almost collector items, but they are among the best touch type feel I've used.  Hate to be forced upwards, if it's just a timing problem in the BIOS.
Paul Jones

MSI MS-7522 Motherboard (X58 Platinum)


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« Reply #1 on: 04-January-09, 05:59:54 »

I think you have found the issue, your old keyboard.

If you are looking for IBM type keyboards with that IBM touch, go here:

I ordered one for a friend as a gift since he loathed other keyboards and loved his IBM.  His IBM was starting to fail and I found this place and got him one.

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« Reply #2 on: 04-January-09, 14:58:08 »

Why was this under Vista-problems? Moved it to Intel...
You have a Q-Tec Power Supply? Change that first and come back later...

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