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Author Topic: Restore GX620 to factory settings  (Read 3377 times)

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Restore GX620 to factory settings
« on: 26-June-09, 04:39:10 »

I just picked up the GX620 two days ago so there's nothing really of value on it quite yet. Just getting that out of the way first.

Anyway, today a technician friend of my father's had a look at Vista and disabled quite a few features I actually liked. I was kind of silly and assumed I would be able to get back anything that I missed but it turns out he deleted them from the registry entirely.

I hadn't gotten around to using the two recovery discs that came with the GX620 (I know I know, should do that right away...) so I can't really do much restoring to an earlier date (this is about as early as it gets anyway).

Basically I'd just like to restore it to how it was two days ago when I got it. Restore everything just like it was. I have all the discs that game with the GX620 I'm just er... not sure how to go about doing anything. I checked the manual and such but nothing about it was on there. Can anyone help me out? Or point me to a detailed guide of some sorts?


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« Reply #1 on: 26-June-09, 14:00:08 »

Load system restore point.
Or do OS repair.


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« Reply #2 on: 26-June-09, 14:13:10 »

Try to use Hotkey Recovery from Hard Drive with [F3].

Recovery HotKey User Manual -->

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