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Author Topic: GeForce3 Ti200 Driver problem  (Read 1261 times)

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GeForce3 Ti200 Driver problem
« on: 17-February-03, 19:56:01 »

I was running 40.72 detonators without any problems. Then I got Unreal2, and because it had some skin garbling problems they suggested in the readme to upgrade to 41.xx drivers. That's when my problems started.

I downloaded the 41.09 detonators from, and after I removed the old detonators, I proceeded to install the new ones. They installed fine, and asked me to reboot. Okay. I reboot, and the pc just hangs at the windows logo at startup. It just stops doing anything.

I rebooted the pc (the magic reset button always works) and it got me in windows, but at 640x480x16 colors, and gave me some kind of an error (I believe something about card/driver incompatibility). So I removed the 41.09 drivers and went back to 40.72.

I got the newest 41.07 drivers from the MSI website, and installed those. Those worked fine untill this morning, when the PC would hang at startup, again at the window startup screen. Nothing helped, I had to go into safe mode to remove the 41.07 drivers and after rebooting to install the 40.72 drivers, which I'm running now.

So is this a known problem, and is there a way around it, or is there something wrong at my end?

My setup:

Windows98 SE
PIV 1.7 Ghz
MSI 850-PRO5 Mobo
MSI GF3Ti200
DirectX 8.1




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« Reply #1 on: 20-February-03, 22:56:14 »

It is a known problem (according to a guy who contacted nVidia) of GF3 and some GF2 cards. GF4 don't have it. All drivers above 40.72 seem to hang the boot process. Actualy, it doesn't hang, you have to wait for about 2 minutes more and Windows will load eventually. The only cure is to go back to 40.72 and wait for the new drivers nVidia is working on.

I have the same problem, and it also started because of Unreal 2 :D I tried all kinds of versions, betas and all, but it's always the same story - my PC boots 2 minutes longer (3 minutes in total), but when it loads, everything is ok, Unreal 2 works fine, no BSODs (although many users reported having frequent BSODs and stability issues also), and so on.

Actually, nVidia's 41.09 created some serious slowdowns on my system, but MSI's 41.07 work just fine, except for that 3 minutes boot process (which is quite irritating).
I will finish Unreal 2 and then install 40.72 and wait for new detonators from nVidia.... (sigh)  :(

My system: Asus A7V133, VIA KT133A, XP 1800+, MSI GF3Ti200 64DDR, SB Live! 1024, 512 SDRAM, 30 GB U-ATA 100, network and ISDN PCI cards, Windows Millenium, dx 8.1.

For more info go to Detonator forum on , there is a thread about it.


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« Reply #2 on: 21-February-03, 01:59:31 »

Well, well, looks like I found it. I installed the new VIA 4in1 Hyperion 4.45 drivers and the boot process is back to normal. No problems whatsoever so far.  :D

Previously I had 4.43 but looks like those aren't good enough for those fancy new detonators ;)

If you don't have VIA chipset on your mobo, all I can suggest is that you look up your board's manufacturer's site for some new mobo drivers. Wish you luck :)


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« Reply #3 on: 21-February-03, 07:46:49 »

Upgrade your os to Windows Xp.


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« Reply #4 on: 05-December-03, 20:19:25 »

I was having similarly long boot times with my MSI GeForce3 Ti200, but for me, the Hyperion / 4-in-1 drivers didn't help -- I have an Abit board with a combination AMD 761 / VIA 686B chipset, FWIW.  

I did find some cryptic reference (either here, on the Abit forums, or in a newsgroup) to a known incompatibility issue between MSI's GF3 cards (which are supposedly based on the NVidia reference design) and the 45.xx series of Detonator drivers.  Since I had been trying to get the 45.23 drivers to work (these proved to be the best drivers with my old GF2 Pro card), I tried switching to older drivers (first the 40.72, then the 41.09, I believe), and my problem with long boot times was cured.  I had also been experiencing problems when trying to access my video properties (screen would seemingly hang for 30 seconds or so, mouse would freeze, then everything would be okay), and those problems went away as well.

I have now switched to the newer 52.16 Detonator drivers, and they work fine as well.  

At any rate, be advised that there seems to be slow startup / hanging on boot-up problems with the 45.xx Detonator drivers and the MSI GF3Ti cards.    

-- JCB
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