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Author Topic: [SOLVED] X58 Pro-E won't boot to Windows 7 after BIOS flash  (Read 1708 times)

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I was running BIOS version 8.7 and I noticed today that version 8.8 was available. Everything was running fine without problems but I bit the bullet and decided to update. I used the M-Flash utility in the BIOS (which now that I am in the forum I see that it apparently kills boards... I wonder why this is not posted on the download site!)

The M-Flash did not kill my board, it POSTs just fine. After flashing I set the board to RAID mode because I am running 2 500 gig WD hard drives in RAID 0. This volume contains my Win7 install. The intel controller sees my RAID drives and they are still part of "Volume0". The boot order is set to boot to "RAID: Intel Volume0". Everything else is disabled in the boot sequence. When the board tries to boot, I just get a flashing cursor... no boot.

I reset the boot sequence to boot to my Windows 7 disc and attempted to repair the bootloader using the repair option on the disc. It said that windows found an error and it attempted to recover the install. Keep in mind that I didnt have any problems before I flashed. Still no joy. Just a flashing cursor. I booted to the Windows 7 repair again but it didn't report any problems so I told it to repair again. Still no joy. Just a flashing cursor.

Any ideas?

Update: Reverted back to 8.7 using the MSIHQ flashing utility. Cleared the CMOS. Set everything back, and made sure that RAID was enabled. Everything is detected fine. Volume0 is set to boot first. No joy. Just a flashing cursor.

Update2: Booted the Windows 7 disc again, went to the command prompt and typed bootsect /nt60 c: /mbr and this fixed it!!!


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« Reply #1 on: 25-February-10, 02:59:27 »

Your solution would likely work if you upgrade to 8.8 as well.
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