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Author Topic: Installing RAM in All in One computer  (Read 9473 times)

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bro_davidTopic starter

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Installing RAM in All in One computer
« on: 15-May-10, 07:47:55 »

Just purchased AE2220-66SUS all in one computer. It Has 3 GB RAM. Can I easily add 1 GB RAM? Or do I have to have the Office Depot install? I have installed RAM on many standard Desktop computers, but never in an All in One Desktop.


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« Reply #1 on: 15-May-10, 12:45:15 »

As it has 3GB it probably has both memory slots occupied already as a 2GB + 1GB configuration. You'll have to replace the 1GB stick with an identical stick to the 2GB module already in there.

On the back of your PC does it look like there's a cover screwed in place, like on notebooks, to easily access the RAM modules? If there is you could find out what serial number your 2GB module has in CPU-Z and order and fit the correct stick yourself. If there isn't a cover to unscrew then it's likely you'll have to take the back off, which could void the warranty; in which case I'd recommend sending the PC to have additional RAM fitted.


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« Reply #2 on: 15-May-10, 13:25:52 »

Refer to page 1-11 in your Manual.

Note also, that these units are shipping with 3GB RAM as they most probably have Windows 7 32bit installed. There is little point in upgrading to 4GB if you will continue to use W7 32bit as only 3.2GB-3.5GB will be available due to 32bit addressing limitations. And there is little point in upgrading to W7 64bit, just to be able to fully utilize the 4GB unless you have 64bit programs to use, as 32bit software will still face the same limitation.

To sum up: 3GB is plenty memory for most uses, so if you're happy with the unit as it is, then just leave it and enjoy using it! ;-))
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« Reply #3 on: 18-May-10, 23:42:32 »

While Stu is correct that 3GB is enough for most users and applications, allow me to interject my humble opinion. I recently built up a system with an AA1511-001US - the bare-bones version of the AE2020, which is architecturally similar to the AE2220. Instead of the basic T4500 CPU, I installed a T9550 along with a matching pair of PC6400 2GB RAM sticks. This made for a considerably more robust system - very zippy.     ;D  While I could have installed 64-bit Windows 7, I chose the 32-bit version to maintain easy compatibility with some of the software I like to run. This did limit the useful RAM to 3.25GB as Stu indicated. However, it's very fast dual-channel memory operating at its design limit. I'm pretty sure I can chew through HD video rendering a lot faster than with the stock AE2020 / AE2220 CPU and memory.

Bye.     8-))

bro_davidTopic starter

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« Reply #4 on: 20-May-10, 08:28:11 »

Thank you Mark, Stu, CrunchyDoodle for replies. I did open the back panel to see ram chips. (Yes, I finally read the manual.) I will stay with Win7 32 bit and not add ram at this time but, I know on other comp I have with 32 bit win 7, I had some improvement with performance with 4 Gb. mem. Once I went into the panel, I could see how easy it would be to add ram.

I have a 32 bit Win 7 disk and a 64 bit disk; both paid for and as it was the Family Pack of win7, I could install this win7 legitimately on another computer, such as my AIO MSI computer.

 My only negative about this AE2220 is that number pad must be off to use the DEL key. I use number pad a lot rather than the numbers above letters on a keyboard. So I was in habit of having number pad on by default. However I have other keyboards I could use or just retrain my habits.
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