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Author Topic: How to enable OC genie  (Read 3339 times)

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How to enable OC genie
« on: 20-May-10, 01:50:30 »

I am about to get my MSI P55-GD65, 17 860, 4Gb of Kingston Hyper X (1600Mhz @1.65 volts) and a CM Cougar 700 watts PSU (with 54 amps on 12 volt rail), GTX 285

I want his mobo coz of its OC Genie since I dont know anything about manual overclocking. I will get the Kingston Hyper X since what is stated in the website of MSI that my RAM should be 1.65 volts to enable OC Genie and i cannot find a memory module that is 1.5 volts or lower with a speed of 1300 MHZ.

Will I be able to use OC Genie with a RAM @1600 MHZ (1.65 volts) as suggested by MSI and if I have to reduce the speed of my memory to 1300 MHZ how can I do this?
I also want to know if I have to update the bios and how will I do this.

Thanks in advance for any help

Mobo MSI P55 GD65
Intel Core i7 860 @ 3.41 Ghz OC
Nvidia GTX 580
4GB Dark Extreme DDR3 1600 1.65 volts
Thermaltake Frio CPU Cooler
Corsair HX 850 Watts PSU
2 x 1TB Samsung Hard Drive
CM Storm Sniper Case
Samsung PX2370 LED Monitor
2 x Samsung DVD RW Optical Drive
OS Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit
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