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Author Topic: USB device(s) cause CPU temp increase on GX740  (Read 1037 times)

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USB device(s) cause CPU temp increase on GX740
« on: 16-September-10, 03:25:53 »

Here's a bit of an odd issue. It's not a problem per-se, but I'm hoping to get a bit of community feedback on this. Whenever my GX740 notebook has a USB device attached to it, the CPU temperature, according to CPUID's HWMonitor program, is about 2-5 degrees higher than when nothing is connected. It doesn't matter if the device is a thumb drive, Xbox 360 controller, mouse, keyboard, or printer. It also only seems to happen with USB devices, as the external hard drive I have plugged into the eSATA port does not cause these increases.

My system has the latest BIOS, version 1.0B posted on the MSI site a few days ago. The chipset driver is the one from the MSI site, version

The system operates normally otherwise, but my wife's AMD-based Toshiba laptop doesn't experience this issue. Any insight is appreciated.
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Re: USB device(s) cause CPU temp increase on GX740
« Reply #1 on: 17-September-10, 11:43:00 »

USB devices generate interupts and the system has to respond to it by enabling the drivers and software needed.
Looks normal to me it happens.

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