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Author Topic: P55-GD80 odd behaviour lately?!?  (Read 2353 times)

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.Griff.Topic starter

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P55-GD80 odd behaviour lately?!?
« on: 29-December-10, 13:57:33 »

My main PC consists of the following components -

i5 750, MSI P55-GD80, Geil Ultra Series PC3-17000, Nvidia GTX 480, Crucial C300, Galaxy Enermax EGA850EWL

For about 14 months (September 2009 - late November 2010) everything was perfect. I used OC Genie which overclocked my i5 750 from 2.66 ghz to 3.67ghz and this how things were fine until one afternoon recently.

About 4 weeks ago I came home and switched on the PC as normal only to find POST took a really long time and there was no sign of my SSD. I checked in BIOS and there was no sign of it there either. I tested it in another PC and sure enough the SSD was dead and I've subsequently RMA'd it back to Crucial.

However this was just the start of my problem that began that afternoon. Ever since that day ANY manual overclock attempt has failed and resulted in an almost instant BSOD once Windows loads. If I use OC Genie then Windows runs for a few minutes before more BSOD's brings the party to and end. It all seems a coincidence that on the same day my SSD dies I get all this instability issues with the motherboard that behaved perfectly for the previous 14 months.

I've updated to the latest BIOS and it's made no difference.

I guess my question(s) is this. Could something have happened to the motherboard that effectively took out my SSD and left the board unstable ever since? Why would the board run a stable overclock, via OC Genie, for 14 months and then suddenly BSOD if the board was overclocked in the slightest?

Any help or advice would be appreciated.


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Re: P55-GD80 odd behaviour lately?!?
« Reply #1 on: 29-December-10, 23:43:17 »

Does the system run OK if not overclocked?

There could be some coincidental stuff going on.

Check your PSU voltages.

Consider trying some other RAM (like Crucial/Micron or Corsair).

Have you tried running DOS benchmarking to see if the system is unstable even without Windows?

It could be a failing component, most likely a capacitor, but more likely to be RAM or PSU.  Also keep in mind that a firmware/driver update (i.e. your Crucial C300) could also throw things off.
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.Griff.Topic starter

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Re: P55-GD80 odd behaviour lately?!?
« Reply #2 on: 30-December-10, 04:30:18 »

If I run it at stock clocks then it's absolutely fine but the slightest overclock fails each and every time.

As for the RAM I decided to run Memtest and here are the results -

It says there's no errors so can I literally take it that the RAM is in fine working order?

Secondly I bought the RAM as it was specified as PC3-17000 and I thought that would be beneficial when it came to overclocking but why does Memtest show it as PC3-10600?


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Re: P55-GD80 odd behaviour lately?!?
« Reply #3 on: 30-December-10, 10:05:51 »

Since it runs fine at stock and what you're trying to do is overclock, I moved it here.
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Re: P55-GD80 odd behaviour lately?!?
« Reply #4 on: 15-January-11, 05:49:05 »

Hai Griff, maybe OC genie is not stable after long period, have u tried oc manual? here try my setting since we have same procie and mobo :
-Vcore : 1.275v
-vtt : 1.22v
-vdimm : depends on ur ram
-PCH 1.8 : auto (1.8v) -----> is it cpu pll?
-PCH 1.050v : auto (1.064v)
-bclk : 200
-Cpu ratio : 20 so 200x20=4ghz :)
-QPI ratio try to find lowest for maximum stability
-Memory frequency/ratio try to find abit lower or abit higher from ur default speed ram

Btw when overclocking disable all cpu features including EIST and C1E also Intel turbo boos for maximum stability when doing stressing stability program, also Load line calibration set to disabled to improve vdroop so when doing stressing stability program ur vcore dont drop to far :) this is reverse from gigabyte mobo, i used to have P45 UD3P and i have to enabled LLC to improve vdroop.

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