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Author Topic: reagentc.exe false  (Read 7584 times)

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pierchrisTopic starter

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reagentc.exe false
« on: 26-January-11, 17:22:41 »

Hello i m french

Who speak french please .

Problem pc with "win top ae 2220"

disc boot "reagentc.exe false".  :bonk:


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« Reply #1 on: 28-January-11, 10:40:28 »

It means something is wrong with your recovery.
You probably need to do a clean install.


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« Reply #2 on: 29-August-11, 07:21:18 »

I also had the same problem. I have the A6200 laptop. The msi recovery on the hard drive failed with "reagentc.exe false" error. Same thing with the recovery dvd i had created earlier. same thing with the recovery dvd that bought from MSI. I tried installing Win7 from a installation dvd which failed as well. Then i ran a memtest86 and found out that one of the memory sticks was bad. you could also run the memory diagnostic on the Windows Recovery DVD (WRE) as well. So i just took out the bad memory and the MSI recovery worked flawlessly. I wish i had realized that this was due to bad ram. i wasted money buying a new recovery dvd from msi and wasted days trying to fix this. So if you are getting the reagentc.exe error check your memory. I am not saying this is the only source of the problem, but it could be and i haven't come across anyone suggesting this anywhere else. Also the reason i decided to do a clean install in the first place was because windows kept crashing randomly, which should have made me realize that this was a memory related issue. I hope this helps.  :biggthumbsup:
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