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Author Topic: BBS Priorities  (Read 6580 times)

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BBS Priorities
« on: 04-June-11, 08:54:21 »

Hello, in my boot options I have set as 1- hdd 2- cd/dvd 3- uefi and so on. When I looked in the Bios boot specification "BBS" it shows hard disk drive as 1st boot cd/dvd as 1st boot and uefi as 1st boot as well? with only the option of 1st boot or disable. Is this right or what? reason I ask is that on booting up from a power off situation it takes a while to boot and you can see and hear it checking the cd/dvd and that just seems strange to me..
motherboard is: P67A-GD53 AND BIOS v1.9  
oh one more thing, when going into the bios I don't always get the use of the mouse, keys work fine.
thanks for any suggestions..
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