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Author Topic: Mainboard : MSI MS-6701 (Medion OEM)  (Read 4426 times)

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Mainboard : MSI MS-6701 (Medion OEM)
« on: 22-January-12, 20:26:19 »

Hello, I'am French girl and It's difficult to write a good English message.
Anyway, I'm going to try.
I have a old PC, but it's do work correctly.
My problem is to know if I have to change my mainboard or a part of them or just a driver.
This mainboard with Intel   NetBurst and audio card integrated. That one is defective (bad sound)
Identifiant :    02/22/2003-SiS-648-6A7I0M4MC-00
I didn't find a driver to expective repair on the MSI ' site : Is that somewere ?
Do you think I can change the sound card without mainboard ?
I hope to find a solution.
Thanks to your councils and if you can tell me where I must to go to find help.


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« Reply #1 on: 22-January-12, 23:26:04 »

As your board is oem it is not supported in this forum. Best to contact Medion.

If you have no luck with a driver or the sound is not working the easiest thing to do is get a PCI sound card. They are not expensive. You just have to uninstall the onboard sound and disable onboard sound in the BIOS setup before plugging in the new sound card in a free PCI slot.


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« Reply #2 on: 22-January-12, 23:43:00 »

 Sorry but as eagle3 said that is OEM MB made for Medion to their specifications and there is nothing we can do to help you. MSI and this forum publicly support only MSI retail products and not OEM.

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