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Author Topic: Live Update 5 Problems  (Read 1905 times)

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Live Update 5 Problems
« on: 12-February-12, 11:17:35 »

Hello folks,

First, I have no idea whether I should post here or in the NVidia forum.
I have a 790FX-GD70 motherboard with the 6 Core AMD processor, plus 16GB memory.

Most everything is working perfectly except for putting to sleep (pw stays on - but I'll post a separate msg about this) and Live Update 5.0.077 doesn't seem to work properly.

Despite downloading and updating the MB drivers (through Live Update 5), they still show up as:

* AMD Chipset drivers - current version: new version: 8.881.0.0

* JMicron JMB36X Driver - not installed
                                 (there is a new program files folder with an application called JMB36X RAID Configurer
* Realtek HD Audio drivers - not installed (the Realtek HD Audio Manager *is* installed with audio driver version

It appears as though the AMD Chipset drivers didn't install (what am I looking for to confirm this?) and the later two drivers *did* in fact, install.

Can anyone explain why Live Update is not showing the correct installed drivers and/or will not install the AMD chipset drivers.



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Re: Live Update 5 Problems
« Reply #1 on: 12-February-12, 12:32:43 »

Uninstall LiveUpdate 5 and forget about it. You can always download drivers from your boards download page:

I have no idea whether I should post here or in the NVidia forum.

Your board uses an AMD chipset, so you've posted in the correct place. ;-))
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Re: Live Update 5 Problems
« Reply #2 on: 13-February-12, 09:30:37 »

Uninstall LiveUpdate 5 and forget about it.

This goes for OC Genie too. Just forget about it.
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