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Author Topic: Original bios for MS-7295  (Read 3029 times)

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Original bios for MS-7295
« on: 13-April-12, 18:17:13 »


A couple of days ago i bought an second hand MSI MS-7295 mainboard.

It works very well but it doesn't recognize the processor.
I found out that this board has been used in a NEC Powermate VL360 computer,
it uses an modified NEC BIOS i think. I flashed the board with the latest NEC BIOS,
but it won't recognize the CPU correct. I use an AMD Athlon X2 64 4850E processor.

Does MSI have an "original" BIOS for this board? I cannot find it on the website.

Thank you!

MSI P1-102A2M with MSI MS-9149,
(Modified with floppy connector ;))
Intel Pentium 4 2.8GHz
512MB RAM, 2x80GB RAID1
Windows XP Home SP3 Dutch


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« Reply #1 on: 13-April-12, 18:21:14 »

This is not an MSI Retail Board, but a pure OEM product manufactured to be sold under the name of NEC and other OEM Vendors.  There is not "original" BIOS Version available.

Neither MSI nor this forum supports OEM products.  That is why you do not find that board model on the MSI Product sites and that is also why I am locking this topic.

You need to contact NEC for assistance.

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