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Author Topic: 785GM-E51 and Sempron X2 190  (Read 1071 times)

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785GM-E51 and Sempron X2 190
« on: 18-September-12, 17:34:41 »

My Sempron 140W died on me and I got refund. I want to buy new CPU for MSI 785GM-E51 board and was wondering whether Sempron X190 would work with this board.

It is NOT currently on supported CPU list but it should be pretty close to AMD Athlon X2 250 in specifications. However I am after low power consumption CPU as I want to build linux box which will run 247 and X2 190 is 45W compared to Athlon X2 250 which is 65W.

I would have to go either with AMD Sempron 145 (45W), AMD Sempron X2 190 (45W) or AMD Ahtlon X2 250 (which is 65W)

Biostar boards with same 785G chipset support X2 190. What about MSI 785GM-E51? Is it safe or is this long shot.



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Re: 785GM-E51 and Sempron X2 190
« Reply #1 on: 18-September-12, 19:32:37 »

Keep in mind that the bios version to the right of the list is the lowest you can have for the mobo to support the cpu. So an update with a supported cpu may be nessesary.

**The Sempron X190 isn't supported


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Re: 785GM-E51 and Sempron X2 190
« Reply #2 on: 19-September-12, 05:08:52 »

 Latest shown BIOS release for that MB is 1st quarter 2011, Sempron 190 release was 3rd quarter 2011 so it's possible it would work. You would need to ask/contact MSI if they may have a beta BIOS that would support it or if it might be supported by latest BIOS shown on their website. It's not possible for us to say 100% sure that it's supported or not.
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