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Author Topic: Z77 Mpower + bios 17.3 + RAID = cannot boot on SATA !  (Read 2270 times)

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daidai67Topic starter

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I just have updated the bios to the 17.3 version (7751vH3) and I'm not able to boot on any sata drive connected. My initial setup was a samsung 830 SSD connected on port 0 and 3 WD Caviar "Green" HDD connected on port 2, 3, and 4. Once I updated the bios (and Intel ME), the post boot raid setup disappear (ok we can find it directly in the bios...)  and the samsung SSD, which was not in any RAID setup was not recognized anymore. Putting back in ahci mode will allow me to boot on the SDD, but of course without my raid5 setup.

Unfortunately, I even cannot use any raid(0-1-5) scenario (even without the SSD) as it seems that windows installation (once the intel raid driver installed) won't recognize it as a bootable device, preventing me to install it.

Am I the only one experiencing this ? I believed that a SSD + 2*RAID0 HDD is not so uncommon, or did I something wrong ?

Thanks for your help ;-)

Froggy Gremlin

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« Reply #1 on: 04-October-12, 10:39:07 »

Recommend to switch to BIOS chip B and see if everything is able to be set up again as before the flash. Flash the A chip back to the original one or the newest Beta listed here;

>> Beta BIOS's <<

Also, be sure to contact MSI Technical of this;

>> How To Contact MSI <<
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« Reply #2 on: 04-October-12, 13:04:15 »

Also, that is a new product and there are a ton of beta bios:

Make sure to use the forum flash tool.

Since you have multi bios, try to flash with out switching the bios. If it doesn't work see:

You have a true hardware switch on that board follow the directions for the z77a-gd80 &x58 ( I need to add the mpower)
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daidai67Topic starter

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« Reply #3 on: 08-October-12, 15:29:11 »

Hi, YEs I finally used the H44 beta bios and everything is working fine now...

It seems that you must use UEFI mode to boot and install windows using RAID mode with 17.3 official release (that's what technical support told me...)

Anyway, thanks for the help
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